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Married But Need More Physical Contact

My husband and I used to have good sex but now it is very unsatisfying and does not happen very often. I so crave for a man to please me physically. Any wives out there feel the same?
deleted deleted 26-30 14 Responses Dec 17, 2012

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It's not just the wives who feel like this. You'll find lots of husbands on here who feel the same way.

hi just wondering if your anywhere near pittsburgh maybe we could talk sometime

Most of us at some point in time feel that way. The excitement is gone and it becomes more of a routine and eventually were not interested at all or they aren't. What did you do to catch him the first time? If your interested in fixing your sex life with him it may fall on you to start it. Men like to have their egos fed, be taken care of an yet feel like a man. Nagging, complaining and all the other things we as woman think we do not do can kill a sex life in a heart beat. As for the craving for physical contact, your lonely and you miss what you use to have. Either find it again with him so your both happy or make a new plan for your life. Good Luck!

Is he conservative sexually? Or could bringing in another person on two help with the contact need? I enjoy it when my wife enjoys herself, and if that means allowing her to explore some sexual fantasies is ok by me. As long as I'm included in the descision, almost anything can go.

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Yes even I do feel the same way

I may not be married or have been married but I know what it is to have a man interested in only pleasing himself and not even care about my feelings or needs. I only wish I could have known what true love is and the notion of pleasing him and he pleasing me.

Yes it's very difficult. Unfortunately I married someone that only wanted to do things that pleased him. He never cared much about trying to please me. So the old vb became my friend. But I so do miss that lovingly touch of a man.

craving to have physical contact. don't feel like to touch my wifeas she has put on lot of weight. what to do ?

Ditto dele95. Sex is very infrequent. Even when we do, she usually seems to have a "get it over with" attitude.

I wish my wife would feel the same way as you do. Instead, it's me who feels that way.

There are a number of husbands that feel the same way

Man here that feels the same. Before marriage everything was great. After the ring it was nearly nonexistent. When trying for a baby it was more often but more of a deed. She wasn't even upset if she didn't get to finish. And now it's maybe two times a month and when it does happen she is not interested in much foreplay or passion. Would never physically go outside the marriage. Thanks to EP for friends to help me cope online. Lol

lets have fun...add me