I Really Need It

From a guy or a girl. I just want the feel of a body up against mine. To feel their body heat. I want that so bad. I want someone's hands and mouth on me, making me feel so good. It's not necessarily sex that I want, just someone's body on top of me, or me on top of them, kissing and touching. I love being touched. Sometimes I touch myself, not always in m a s t u r b a t i o n, I just like the feeling of hands being on my body.
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I know it is no substitute for love, but have you ever tried getting a massage? It is a wonderful experience to feel someones hands on your body. My wife likes a female therapist because she is uncomfortable being touched and seen nude by a man. She found a lady at a salon who does it on the side in her home for about half the price. I like when she gets a massage because she comes home mellow and relaxed (and horney).

I like the ideas you give me;) lol. Yeah that is a possibility. I'd prefer a girl to do it as well, just because the thought of a girl rubbing me makes me horny lol. I should really take that into consideration

My ideas are are just based on personal experience. You should know that there are different types of massages. Deep tissue is for relaxing tensed-up muscles and can be kind of painful. Swedish is more relaxing with light touching and I think you would like that one. It is non-sexual but let's face it, when you are naked with your eyes closed being caressed by warm, exploring hands, erotic thoughts and sensual delight WILL happen, which brings me to the third type of massage called the "happy ending" that I like to give my wife.

Hmm, that sounds nice. God i want that so bad now lol.

Sex is fantastic but intimacy is what I crave. I want to find someone to hold and cuddle with, if we both get aroused and take our pleasure with each other it would be wonderful but just having her body close to mine is what I want.

Your note inspires my fantasy. i thought of you and what you said as i wrote it. I was touched by your desire to be held and loved, and I fantasied being there with you. I hope you enjoy it. Sometimes I just want to be held or hold someone in my arms until it feels like we melt into one another. I would want to hold you like that. I would put my lips on the back of your neck and give you many tiny kisses. I would whisper in your ear and tell you how beautiful you are and how much you arouse me. I would want to kiss you in the most intimate way. Would you let me touch you? I would want to remove your clothing, if you let me. Would you let me touch your breasts? I would touch you softly, like I would touch a sculpture feeling the soft roundness of your breasts and the hardness of your nipples. I would want to softly kiss your breasts and take your nipples into my mouth. I would listen to your breathing and your movements and be guided by that. I would kiss you then kiss you again. I will cover you with kisses. I will want to find that spot ,halfway between your belly button and your pubic bone. Right there at the edge of your pubic hair. I will want to kiss you right there. I want to touch every part of your body. I would bury my lips and nose into your pubic hair and breathe the warm wetness of your *****. I would want to taste you and make you squirm. Would you let me kiss your labia and hold them between my lips? Could i pass my tongue along the entire length of your *****, stopping at your vagina, and exploring the entire circumference of that sweet place, before moving on? I would explore every little nook and cranny with my tongue. It would be so wet. I would want to seal my lips around your **** and using a little suction, coax it into my mouth I would feel for its hardness. As I do this, my hands will be touching you in a most intimate way: your belly, your breasts. Your legs and thighs. You would move your hips and push yourself against me.I will be slow and patient, and let your excitement build at its own pace. I will hold my body close to yours, and my desire to be inside of you will be overwhelming. Your wetness and my wet hardness will be drawn to one another, and I will slip easily into you. I want to make love with you in a slow passionate way. As i slip in and out of you, my penis presses against your clitoris. We open ourselves to one another, and we let ourselves move as if we are doing a slow dance with one another. We move to that edge and then return again and again. The sensations of your body will be overwhelming. I will press myself into you as far as I possibly can. I will whisper my love for you in your ear. When we have each gone over that edge and become fully immersed in a sea of pleasure, then in our warm wetness, I will gather you into my arms and hold you close to me, kissing you softly.

You're amazing lol. Message me sometime;) that's exactly what I'd want

You are so sweet. I'm glad you liked it. I will message you sometime, and I will want to know if you have been touched yet. Will you let me seduce you?

I wish I had the same too.

I feel the same way you do maube we should help each other out! ;)

Nothing wrong with "m a s t u r b a t i o n" - it's perfectly normal and healthy. For us guys, having at least one e j a c u l a t i o n a day is good for our prostate health.

I'm a total believer in that lol


It's called cuddling people, she just wants to cuddle. Where's your boyfriend?

More or less yes lol. He's non existent at the moment lol. Which would be my reason for writing this story

If only you lived one apartment over.

If only:( lol

You're a riot, I gotta add you to my circle.

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well if you were my lady oh yes you would have all you could take

Good Luck with that :)

Hope your bf is listening......

Making love......without actual sex. It could be a very important part of two people's relationship. The physical contact of two naked bodies is a signal, one to the other, that the involved persons are very comfortable with each other. They can tough. They can caress. They can kiss their partner slowly, methodically, lightly, and in many other pleasing forms. Touch can be as light as a feather, or it can perhaps be somewhat demanding. When two people can touch one another a bond is being made, a trust has been created, and a truth about being with the other for pleasure, but not necessarily for the satisfaction of lust or want. I've spent many hours lying naked with a female friend. We talked about her family and I talked about mine. When the talking stopped touching has started. Some of the touching was exploratory. Some of the touching was meant to cause arousal. Yet, not once was copulation suggested, verbally nor through actions. It still is a relationship where this man and that woman can be naked together, express a special love for each other, sensually touch each other, and at the end of the alotted time, go our happy ways feeling fulfilled by having shared several special monents cuddling, holding, embracing each other to satisfy the mutual desire to be with a special person, a special friend, just for a mental uplifting, a moment or two (or more) that brought two people together, physically together and mentally together, for the common bond of being accepted and needed at the same time. Anyone having this kind of relationship with another human being is a very rich person.

I love that:) I hope one day I can have someone like that to be with

Thanks. I'm glad you find my experience interesting. I hope that one day you may have such experiences as I. I have this special person in my life and I cherish the infrequent moments that I can spend with her. It's a very special relationship, a somewhat unique relationship. It is love that is not as you normally think of it, a different kind of love, a very special love that is very hard to find, and then to keep. I doubt I could have this with anyone else under similar circumstances. I thrill at touching her in many different ways, then watch how she responds, and I enjoy that response. Sometimes when I touch her with determination her breathing quickens and her eyes seem to glow wildly. Yet, when I touch her tenderly her body responds in an accepting, open kind of way. It's most sensuous feeling our naked bodies lightly glance while in motion, or when I am holding her tightly in my arms, almost crushing our bodies together, my hands gently, slowly, roaming across her sensitive skin. When she lies upon me I feel only a feather's weight and all the sensuousness she can give. She has the best nipples, and when she is excited they rise and stand very strongly, very proudly, to the excitement in which her whole body revels. Sometimes sex happens, and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes our coupling occurs for a few mintues. Sometimes longer, sometimes not so. Other times it happens many times in one meeting, coming together - separating - coming together again, and so on, until after much time has passed and there is the blistful reward. Whatever it is that we have I certainly hope that I never lose it. I wish that I am continually able to take advantage of this most wonderful gift. Fortunately for me her mate encourages her, and for that I am extremely greatful.

I feel the same way sometime maybe we should talk sometime xp

Thats true companion is lovely

I hear that girl I hope you find that someone as I am sure you will your still very young and have that opportunity.