Testosterone Deprived

The thing I miss the most about being single is having a male presence around.
There is something so wonderful about that.
To have a man to put my arms around...
Hands on...

I can't quite express at this moment what that does to me.

I melt.

slsr slsr
41-45, F
3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

It's nice to be appreciated once in a while, isn't it guys? ;-)

I'm a big fan. :)

Awwww... you're such a sweety. ****watches for OW over his shoulder**** ;-)

It is handy to have a man around the house.The thing imiss about my ex is having someone that puts his hands on the lawn mower, his arms around a bag of leaves, to watch him as he rubs every inch of the dashboard and upholstery In car making it look new again inside. Then there's that critter in the attic, who's gonna take care of that or eradicate the bugs in the house. ;) I have to admit I'm tiring quickly with the self help

Haha :)

Settle down, gentlemen. The line forms here. Right behind me.

Hmmmm. Well, now....

Wow, S, now your "doing lines" of a different sort! ;-)

A line??? Ha!!!
I wish... :)