Friendly Neighbor

My neighbor asked me over for dinner at his place for Friday night. So last night I invited him to go into the hot tub with me. We started talking even more I found out he likes to massages and does Martial Arts.

So after the hot tub we both went to our own place and showered. Then I went and put on a night gown that was laces on each leg going up.

Anyway He knocked on my door and I let him in, I asked, "Do I need to be undressed?"

He said, "It would help."

I took off my black night gown and layed on my bed face down, while he put lotion all over my body. His hands were so big, soft, and nice, I finally got to get the human touch I have been wanting for a long while.

He even did the front side too. I then just opened my legs and his fingers slid right in my *****, playing a bit with my ****. Then he spread my legs apart and opened up my ***** lips and dove in, licking and flicking with his tongue against my **** and sticking his tongue in my *****. I couldn't help myself and started moaning and moving my hips with pleasure, and he again he slid his fingers in and out of my *****, pumping in and out, then it got faster and more vigorous I started moving flipping about like a fish out of water, moaning with pleasure and I came.

I then flipped on my knees and showed him my butt, and he inserted his finger back into my *****, after a while, the second finger, then I said, "Oh my God!" then the third finger. I started to move around like a bucking horse and moaning, he went faster and so would I. Oh my God more vigorous pumping in and out of me and I came again.

I didn't stop there I flipped on my back and again with one finger, pumping me again with his finger, one at a time...until there were three fingers going in and out of me again, picking up the pace, I moaned more and more, then the vigorous pumping in and out, and I couldn't stop, I lost control again I came.

He said, "You have one nice HOT wet *****, and any time you need help, I am just a few doors down, and I would LOVE to assist you again.

Then I gave him something to drink and ate some string cheese, then I sent him home as it was 2 am. He is smitten for me...giggles. Now what does smitten mean???...I will look that up.
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Were you tempted to touch his **** while he rubbed you down? Would it have freaked you out if he ******** naked at the beginning of the massage?

I would have enjoyed it if he would have helped me out of my gown, it wouldn't have freaked me out if he ******** naked, as I was hoping for some action...giggles.

Let's get this clear - when I massage you, I'll be naked from the start.

And so will I...giggles

Smitten, adgetive
1. Struck with great force.
2. Disastrously or deeply affected; afflicted.
3. Deeply in love.

yes, He got the hots for me...what did I do? whatever it is...I like it.

As I recall, Envy is one of the 7 deadly sins. Forgive me Dragon for I have sinned. I have never licked a woman's butt. After reading some of your stuff, I want to do that. With you would be nice.

I have got you...hook, line and sinker...giggle

Oh damn! Is it that obvious?

Wow now I'm smitten. Hot friend me please

Thank you aaronabc, I am glad I got YOU smitten too...giggles

sounds nice, i enjoy giving similar massages. Let me know when you need one!

I would like one this to help my muscles?

That was a lovely story. : )

Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it.

mmm, what was that address again? I have some lotion

mmmmmmm that was...............and I love a good massage! inside and out...giggles.

Woow what an experience. It's nice that he is your neighbour and so close to you, you only have to wave to him and he's there for you. I think you both were very happy. A good start for this year. You deserve it, I'm sure of that.

He didn't put his **** in me, just his tongue and fingers. It was a nice massage inside and out...giggles.

He is a real fysiotherapist in and outside you. I think you feel like reborn after such a massage. Didn't you want more.............?

Yes, I wanted it again and again and over and over again...I wanted to EXPLODE!!!

I guess the way he massaged you he sure will come back to you. Just wave at your window to him and say you need such a treatment at least twice a week (is that enough or do you want more........?)

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Wow, great massage, with the happy, happy, happy ending.

Yes a massage outside working the way inside...enjoyed every minute of it...Thank you Neighbor for being so neighborly...giggles. Thank you oldjack5, I am glad you enjoyed it.

what a hot story I think I am too!

Thank you, I am glad you liked it.