"anything You Want......

...... as long as it doesn't involve touching me" Yes, that's an exact quote. Every day she reminds me that there will not be any physical contact.  When I approach her she puts her hands out to keep me at not quite arms' distance.  We sleep with a body pillow between to prevent any inadvertent touching during the night.  I wanted to title this 8 inches.  Not because I'm bragging about body parts, but that's the amount of space I have on my side of the bed each night.

We have a very affectionate dog she cuddles with on the couch.  She asks, slyly, "You're not jealous of the dog are you?"  Of course I am!  "Well you can cuddle her when I'm done."
WantingMore777 WantingMore777
51-55, M
Jan 10, 2013