I Am Starting To Crave For Physical Contact And I Think It's Wrong.

Hello guys! I am a 15 year-old girl,i had my first kiss last year with my first boyfriend,i was really afraid to let him touch me and i think he started to get bored,he hoped for something that i couldn't give him,so he cheated on me with my friend,he asked me for forgiveness but i broke up with him,not because i was upset,but because i new i couldn't offer him what she did.A few months after our break up .i started craving for someone to love emotionally,but i just didn't find someone i could ever get involved with,and after a while i starting craving physical contact too,but i think it's too early,i can't accept it i want it to stop! i even started pleasuring myself,and in the last 3 months i have kissed 5 different guys i didn't feel anything for...i am starting to feel like a *****,it's becoming a habit.Please help me guys!
fluffydende fluffydende 13-15, F 2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

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Take your time. Holding hands, and a little kissing is ok. Craving that physical contact is ok too. Don't be in a hurry to give it up to just anyone. When it is time to give it up to that boy you think is special, think about it. The heat of the moment can easily take over. You are young and it might feel like the most important thing in the world is to have a boyfriend but trust me, there is a lot of time left and if you relax and take your time you will enjoy life a lot more. As for pleasuring yourself, that is actually a very reasonable way to release your tensions in this area. There is nothing wrong with it. Boys do it all the time. Don't feel like you are doing something dirty. If it helps you deal with your feelings then great.

Thanks for answering.I am not in a hurry,not at all,i am willing to keep myself pure until i am at least fully grown and no longer underage,my needs are not that strong,they are manageable,i just wanted to know if it was normal to have needs as a 15 years old young lady.

You are totally normal. Keep in mind that throughout the history of humans up until about 150 years ago, girls were getting married at the age of 13-18 and any older was considered odd. It is only our views that have been able to change quickly. Biology changes very slowly over many many generations. So our bodies are programmed to start becoming sexual very shortly after we hit puberty.

Its good that you are not in a rush. Taking your time and enjoying the little things in life is very important. Mainly because if you rush past that stage of being all warm and fuzzy just by holding hands and kissing, it will never fully come back.

FLuffydende, umm don't go adding strangers who will mess with your head ok? What you're going through is normal. DON'T EVER do anything you are not ready for. You said no to your boyfriend for a reason and you know yourself best. The hardest thing is finding yourself and trying to control emotions you don't get. You should talk to an adult.. a mum aunt, older sis? Someone you are comfortable with... a counselor? It's a new stage in life and you need an adult you know and love to help guide you U are not abnormal ok? You are just at a new stage Don't give in to outside temptations and just Know yourself and what you need and want.You want to be able to make decisions that leave you feeling proud and happy about yourself.. The wost thing you can have is regret. Take it slow.. understand yourself and talk to an adult. Good luck sweetheart

Thanks for answering and for being so kind! The truth is,i don't have any adult in my life,my parents are divorced,my mom works a lot and she's home only a few times a week,i have a lot of work to do for school,so whenever we get to spend anytime together,we talk about other stuff,or watch a movie together,i always thought my mom was scared to bring sexually related subjects like this one(i am not sure why) because i never had the "talk" with her and everything i know is from books,internet or friends.