Sexually Frustrated

In My life right now I’m dealing with a topic that I’m sure is common with all of us here – that being sexual frustration. After having regular sex (in a committed relationship for clarification purposes) and after breaking up with said significant other, I’ve suddenly hit a standstill. And I’m not even talkin11111g about just sex but actually a sexual standstill. At this point, I could kiss anyone with or without cherry chapstick and probably like it.
I admit that for me one way to help lessen my sexual frustrations is to write about sex and how to make it better for you.

I’m aware that my problem is not unique. Actually, if you’ve been to a Pause dance or been a freshman making out by the vending machines, you’ll know that sexual frustration runs rampant in college campuses. So here’s my question: how am I really supposed to remedy this?
Sexual frustration is no myth people who don't have sex are more likely to feel stressed and to over-work themselves.

That sex reduces stress –- or that no sex increases stress –- is hardly a new observation. Sexual frustration is a complex phenomenon not to be underestimated. It can precipitate a downward spiral, pulling us helplessly and unbeknownst into a swirling vortex of all because of no nookie.
According to a new study of almost 32,000 men and women, the lack of sex can precipitate a downward spiral, pulling us all into a vortex of all work and no play, literally.

It's worse for those who don't have sex at all. Forty-five percent of men and 46 percent of women who no longer have sex seek out other activities to replace their waning libidos.

It has found that the less sex people have, the more work they seek to "work" out their sexual frustrations. It has been proved that 36 percent of men and 35 percent of women who have sex only once a week take on extra work to compensate for their waning sex lives. Unobserved, the frustration often becomes deeply ingrained in us as humans.

Obsession, thinking about it all the time. Compulsive behaviour, eventually acting out these fantasies through wanking or using a tool or even another person, but not getting the pleasure out of it that you feel you should be.
Aggression and bitterness can also arise in both men and women from and because of these...It can lead to violence and depression or addiction of some kind, unless the libido is satiated or sublimated.

What is more interesting is what causes Sexual Frustration. There are many people who are, and have been, abstinent for many years, yet do not suffer from it. It is because they have found what is known as Sublimation - a way to channel the frustrations of the libido into another, more creative aspect.

Nuns are a good example. Their daily routine and devotion to a religion, constantly keeping their minds occupied and using their libido, channelling it into their work...

For those who are not aware, sexual frustration is the state of stress or anxiety due to prolonged sexual inactivity or sexual dissatisfaction. Sexual frustration prevents you from being able to reduce your stress. In other words, no sex leads to even less sex.

The good news is that, people who have sex at least twice a week suffer from sexual frustration. It's important for people to keep a close watch on their sexual satisfaction rather than wait until it's too late.

People who have sex at least twice a week don't seek out other activities to live out their stress. It's important to keep a close watch on your sexual satisfaction rather than wait until it's too late.

Adults who did not get told by their parents, teachers or find out for themselves (the right way) how to vent their libido have frustration coming from not knowing what to do and from being trapped. Therefore, sexual frustration can be described as being trapped by your own libido.

It can occur at any age. Circumstantial contributions can be anything - but it must be something that causes frustration...Not achieving the goal you desire - to get laid in the way that you think is right.

In answer to your question, think about what causes you to become frustrated... What circumstances arouse this and surround it? Possible causes when things are not going well in a romantic and sexual relationship? What can you do to improve your relationship and sex life? Here are some common causes of relationship problems and the things you can do to improve your relationship.

You need to understand however that all human beings have inherent need to be close to each other. A better way to handle this is to recognize that you need to take responsibility for having a successful romantic and sexual relationship and to work together at coming up with solutions.
It is important that you do not let schedules and everyday life get in the way. If you have the will to make things better then make an effort to find a way to solve your desires and longings, fears and disappointments, triumphs and successes and any other private and intimate details.
If you are struggling with sexual frustration you need to realize that it is very important to your self esteem to have an intimate sex life. But more than that an intimate sex life also can give a big boost to your overall health of you.

It is normal anymore that people tend to take each other for granted. Some of us feel that it is no longer necessary to make an effort to impress or to be nice to each other. As a result, we can become careless in the way we talk to each other and pay scant attention to our appearances.
Each time when you chew your food, and if you are not careful, you can easily bite your mouth. The same applies to your intimate sex life . Most of us feel that it is important to have a good relationship with our colleagues and especially our superiors but do not seem to feel the same with our intimate sex life.

If your sex life becomes less satisfying, you need to look at the core of the problem. Stress or fatigue due to busy working life can be one of the reasons. Lack of attention from your current partner is another. Often this can be due to unhappiness with the relationship itself. A man may lose interest in sex if the woman is either too aggressive or in the habit of nagging. A woman may feel a lack of interest sexually because of the perception that her man is never good or nice to her unless he wants sex.
Assuming that you have resolved the underlying issues in your life there are plenty of ways to liven up your sex life.

Be adventurous in bed and outside of bedroom. Take a trip to a lingerie store, play sex games or introduce sex toys during lovemaking. Try watching an adult movie with your partner to learn some new moves. You may use fantasies – step outside yourself and try to be someone or something else for the evening. You may read erotica to each other before or even during sex.

But the bottom line is that if you do not have intimate sex life no matter your current situation, single, married, separated or whatever you need to find a release from your Sexual frustration if for no other reason than taking care of yourself and your physic.

You must be wondering if there is a way to get past sexual frustration. Of course, there is! Be open to new opportunities, be innovative, communicate with yourself about your fantasies, use a sex toy if you want to, and most importantly take time out and make intimacy a priority in your life. Don't wait any longer. Be creative in your sexual communication with yourself and pep up your sex life!
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Jan 15, 2013