Not Married, Still Sexless

I can't take it anymore, I provide for my gf, I take care of her and give her a place to live and food in her stomach but we haven't had any contact in months. Last night it erupted in a fight when all I wanted was some intamacy and she proclaimed over and over again that it had no meaning for her and that she would have sex with me but I wouldn't enjoy it. Well no **** I wouldn't enjoy it, it's supposed to be a meaningful and consentual act between two people not one. I put up with too much to be neglected like this but I don't have the heart to break up with her because if I do she'll be homeless. I can't do that to anyone. I'm so tired... Mentally, physically, emotionally, I don't know how much longer I can put up with this emptiness.
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My ex and I live together because financially neither of us are in a position to move out (working towards it though!).
There are times when it is a little tricky but on the whole it works. We are good friends now so at least it also means we have no more hard feelings between us. If you feel cornered by the situation then you need to talk to her very openly so that it does not come to a point where you are both bitter towards one another but rather to avoid that.

Why does she refuse to talk about why she doesn't want to touch you? I'm sorry you feel caught up. It's lonely.

Thanks, I don't know what I should do. Just kind of going through the motions

*sigh* Do you really think there's no patching up?

We are just not on the same wavelength, different ideas of what a relationship should be. We need different things and not getting them hurts, it's insulting

Message me, I have some ideas as a friend.

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i can kinda relate to her point of view though lol but i wish u luck

Its just biding time at his point