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Human Touch

It's been proven that a simple human touch can calm. It brought down my mother's blood pressure once when it was bordering on dangerous. That was a very sweet nurse who just laid her hand on her forearm for a minute. Excellent bedside manner.
TwistedBit903 TwistedBit903 31-35, F 2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

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the human touch has always been a healing art if your into real healing ... breast milk.. spinal massage .. circular and anti cir pressure applied to the nerve meridians... and if your ever hugged ... a simple hug can allow you to breathe out and in with no stress therefore allowing new oxygen to enter the body and deliver healing properties we never use....its an ability we never use to refresh our system to heal itself... its amazing how much we ignore because social norms have taught us western med is the cure... actually most cures are NATURAL

Depending on who is doing the touching, and where, it can also skyrocket your blood pressure.