Cold Nights

I used to wake when you moved.
Your breathing came as waves on the on the beach
Of a world i dreamed.
Skin to skin, we breath and live
Collective in unconsciousness.
My arm would be trapped beneath--pressure, pain;
I cannot wake you, but watch you for eternity.
In your sleep the Cosmos is right, and I can let my arm go.
In your warmth I will regenerate.

I wake when I move, and feel the freezing covers.
Wind's shouted whispers shake the walls;
It is thunder in my barren dreams.
I clutch my chilled extremities close,
Useless limbs, life force liabilities.
But for icy stars, the sky is black and empty.
In this dark, I will crystallize.
rattleschains rattleschains
41-45, M
1 Response Jan 17, 2013

I sometimes dream about the one who one day will be sleeping next to me, sometimes think about the one who left... But for now, I'm stuck here. Your story reminded me that, after all, somehow , I'm not alone... We all must experience loneliness but we will be fine.

It used to be hard for me to sleep with someone, being a loner, needing space. But I learned to, and now miss it sorely. Nothing replaces the physical contact, the scent of someone you love.

However, it helps to have people to share these things with. Cyber-intimacy? I need what there is of it. Thank you for the comment.