I have awaited your return with such excitement reddening the skin  beneath both ankle and wrist  restraints.Blindfolded,I cannot see and every sound has kept me wondering if you were near or far.Footfalls or creaks in the house are indistinguishable in my dark solitude .My imagination has spawned arousal after arousal making the sheet beneath me a cool wet mess.I wished again and again, you had covered my naked body before you left.Even just a sheet  to stop the chilling air that  caresses my body and covers  it in goosebumps,making my already erect nipples even harder, painfully stiff.But I am enjoying every moment,every sound and sensation.My imagination has run through scenario after scenario wondering if any one of them may be what you have in mind for me.I am ready for you,ready to accept any attention you see fit to give me.Sometimes you bring pain,sometimes ecstasy beyond measure,it is your decision,your discretion,your control......
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Very powerful writing....<br />
<br />
.......and damn <i>hot</i> too