My Craving

I want to feel their skin against mine, i want to feel that lusting urge again, i want to feel their hands exploring my body, touching me down there tugging at me here and there
bubbblegum bubbblegum 18-21, F 1 Response Jan 19, 2013

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...making me elicit soft moans;gutteral at times as I lean my body more into thiers. Giving them easier access to the parts of they want to explore, caress, stroke, and ravage. Is it lust? Is it passion? A mixture of each perhaps, NO! it's desire.. I have the need to be desired and the wantingness to be desired. A hunger. A hunger to desire them as well. To have them make me thiers while i make them mine. A loud moan escapes my lips.Louder this time , and with more urgency. And some other words I don't remember. Ahh.... afterglow, lingering...all is well.