Set Me Ablaze

Set me ablaze

Staring into my eyes or giving me a sly look; a kindling is born within me.

Sitting across from you at a restaurant watching your lips, hands, body move, as I am never full, endlessly craving your closeness; a fire dying to be set aflame

Setting my idle hand on the table, cold, lonely, waiting to be warmed by yours; a kindling surviving in the death-teasing wind

Still as I stay, knowing that giving in will only make you want me less as you finally cup my cold hands with your generous grasp; but alas a kindling survives with flourishing warmth

Sliding your arms around me, simply holding me makes me come alive; into a living, breathing fire

Sharing your lips with mine becomes pure oxygen that makes an ember ignite into a sea of flames

Stopping to breathe, as I am in disbelief of how you are the perfect fuel to my fire; lips parting, the flaming sea dies into a mere glowing incandescence

Wishing, wanting, wondering when any part of you will brush against my skin again, reunited souls of our skin that make me skip a heartbeat setting my soul ablaze once again.
Vivantfemme Vivantfemme
Jan 22, 2013