Why Dont You Love Me.

Surely if i have been experiencing this, i should be able to express these feelings? Yet, i seem to find myself dumb struck and blank.

No one could honestly have prepaired me for this. The feeling of lonelyness, that lack of physical contact has brought into my life. Its created a dark me , a side that i explore with no reservations. A side that sees me for me, frees me , yet only for a while from this numness i feel . BUT , where DO I begin to dig fo rthese feelings, where do i begin to heal, and feel like a woman again. More profoundly where do i begin to feel like you love me again.

I miss you, i wish i knew what i did to tear YOU away from the immidiate me, you claim you love.
I don't feel your love anymore. A part of me has died, a part i held so sacride in me, my femininity, my sexuality , me . The side that i called woman, how were you so strong , how did i dissapoint you. why dont you want me?....

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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

xxxxxxxxxxxx big hug

you paint a very graphic picture, well written, thanks for sharing the emotion

God do I know that feeling.. Sorry to hear youre going through a tough time :/ My heart's been broken before too, if you wanna talk just message me.