Is It Wrong

This morning I desided to call in and not go to work. Slept in late it had been a while haha. When I went out to feed my dog I walked by my brothers window and just as a reaction I turned my head and I saw him ************. I still have no idea what went to my head I just kind of laughed and kept walking. After I fed my dog I was walking back into the house and I don't know why but I decided to look in the window again.

He was still doing it I guess he had **** on or something but I couldent see cause their was just a small gap in the courtine

I guess he must have thought he was home alone since I was supposed to be at work. I was just thinking all this then realized I had been watching him for a few minutes already

I just kept watching him and I couldent help it I started getting a lil turned on and began touching my self a little

Just watching him made me really wet and I had my hand under my sweats it's crazy that I got so turned on watching my brother **********.

The problem is that when I was touching my self I kind of leaned against his window and he heard me so I ran back in the house and into my room before he walked out of his. I don't know if he knew it was me or not. He has not told me anything and I'm scared that he might know I was watching him and I'm also scared cause I liked it and I don't know what to do

Should I apologize or should I just not tell him I think he won't bring it up cause of he was doing I mean how would he start that conversation haha

What should I do
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Don't apologize but do get yourself a man to help you enjoy your hormone rushes

Not that again. That is what u should do. Do not that again. Poor guy will forever think u saw him pulling his pud. If u like that stuff I hear they do it all over the internet. Dont watch your brother. Bad idea. Trust me. Unless he is a stepbrother then not so bad.

Deny deny deny,BUT how are you gonna deal with potentially not seeing it again?? Are you ok with it? Do you want him to watch you?

Well, if you want to see him doing it again, then say nothing and watch out for him. You could also wait until it is only you two in the house and then let him catch you. Lay on your bed and **********. Make sure the door isn't quite locked and moan while you do it. Try to position a mirror so that you can see the door while looking away, that way you won't frighten him off. Put on a show for him and see if he does the same

No no no. Dont encourage her. No no no. That is way to close. Any closer illegal in most countries.

To ********** in your own home is not illegal in any western country. If you get caught having sex with him that may be illegal. So don't get caught.

Let sleeping dog lie as the saying goes, don't say anything to him.

And good sister would help her brother out in his time of need, and I am sure he would return the favor and be a great help to you as well.

next time, go to your room, take off your clothes, and then walk in to his room and just do what ***'s naturally.

What an exciting situation! No need to watch him for any more! Add me to messenger....

Mutual ************ sounds like such a turn-on! I would apologize and see where it goes. What's the worst that could happen? Or you could let him catch you ************ - then you're even!

Eh, I don't think it's that big of an issue if he hasn't said anything yet. He may not have known who was at the window, just that someone was there.

just carry on watching him when u can :) he probably likes to be watched x

it might be that ur brother knew u were home and wanted u to see him *******...... so don't hide ur desire.. just go and get his ************* in ur *******..... have a fun....

agree with some of the previous comments, help him out or jerk together. Would be fun!

I had girlfriend with a similar experience, but they both saw each other with their hands on their respective parts. But he said, " don't stop " and they didn't. After that , they frequently *********** together and both loved it. They never ******, but they eventually ended up sucking each other off.

Actually it sounds to me like you want to share the ************ experience with your brother otherwise you wouldn't be here telling us of this happenstance. So why not sit down and tell your brother that you saw something that really turned you on and then tell him it was him. Then watch his reaction. Say it all in one sentence and then be ready for some fun.

I wish my sister came into my room while i was ************....specially if she was being turned on by it

Why not tell him...But make sure you tell him that you started to touch yourself as well...Maybe he'll give you a ride.

Yeah, it doesn't sound like he will bring it up, so if you leave it alone no one will ever know.

What makes you want to tell him at all?

I don't know why I want to tell him guess it could be cause I liked it or just want to say I'm sorry for doing it

Is he older or younger than you?