I Miss Men

I usually feel lonely. Specially when I have company. It can be my mother, my father, my beloved friends or siblings, but, I get no satisfaction in their contact. Still, there's an annoying buzz in my head, like a finger that's poking me. What I know is that I feel alone, but how? I need a man. The smooth skin of a man. To make one smile, laugh with the stories I have to share. I'd love to smell men in the air. It is sweeter than sunflowers and stronger than vinegar. This deprivation will end up making me sick. It's not the desire for sex itself, but a man need. Just a man.
Mcneil Mcneil
18-21, F
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That's fascinating, how long have you felt like that?

hmmmm I was already feeling the abstinence a week after I broke up with my ex, like one year and a half.

That is a long time, how do you deal with it? Has it gotten any easier?

In the beggining, I used to feel very anguished about it. But, with time, I learned to control it, or at least got used to it. I still have urges and often dream/daydream about it.
I wouldn't say it got easier, because I've been with few men during this time, but it didn't kill my desire, for it was meaningless. But I just grew more mature and serene to no let it bother me that much anymore.

But it does still bother you though, doesn't it? Do you think that coming on here and talking about it helps?

Well, it is always good to find others who sympathize with your feelings.

Well I hope you find many people who do, and I hope you find someone soon to break your abstinence. Good luck!

Thanks! :)

You're welcome!

In the meantime, what do you do when you find yourself daydreaming about it? Try not to think about it? Come on here? Something else?

I simply daydream about it :D also, if I find myself highly inspired, I can write a poem or compose a song :)

What a wonderfully creative way of dealing with it!
Do you think that if you got what you wanted then some of that creativity would go away, and would it be worth it?

Then my creativity source would be the one filling this space in my life ;)
As it has always happened.

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I get that feeling sometimes but for women TwT lol So I know what you mean