That Primitive Desire

I miss a girl's body, her skin is like soft, tender, dainty, warmness. Her perfume is her nectar scent of a fine creature, makes my knees quiver and mouth thirsty. She wants me as I want her, wrap my arms around her beautiful waist, so soft, my head feasting at her shoulders and neck gently, smelling her fine aromas. Having that mere skin on skin contact, through a slight accidental arm to arm rub, or daydreaming of massaging her feet, legs, making my way into her beautiful lips below and she welcoming, allowing it, such a want from her part, and I lenient to her every intimate and leisure desire. Passion upon passion upon passion upon passion, till we are numb below our waist, exhausted, spent, dry, sore...and then caress our tongues together, hands feeling her breasts running down her sides, her thighs, her butt, and her hands running down and up my body till we sleep, where still our hearts silently emit that fire, burning desire of each other.
Pyro8me Pyro8me
26-30, M
6 Responses Sep 17, 2013

Truly Erotic and speaks to the Soul. Thank you for sharing

You welcome

Really good

Very beautiful :)

Thank you

Your welcome

Very beautiful, very evocative.


Love is good lol, and horrible sometimes.

Breathless after reading this, you really are talented!

I just typed, nothing hard but it came from experience and yearning, i think thats what came across as talented, thank you btw.

Whatever it is, keep sharing :) your amazing!!