This is very hard for me to admit.  Something I know I shouldn't be ashamed of, but I am.  And it makes me incredibly sad. 

I am craving the touch of another.  It has been so long, I fear that I have forgotten what that feels like.  I fear that I may never have it again.  I fear that it's been so long, I will just learn to live with it and will shy away from any contact from any other person.  And I don't want to be like that.

It has been almost one year since I was intimate with my husband (whom I'm separated from).  No hand holding, no hugs, no cuddling, no sex. 

It has been 7 months since the last time I had sex.  Yet, there was no real intimacy with that. 

Thinking back to the few hugs I've gotten from friends, I now realize that I felt a little uncomfortable with that kind of touch.  Was it because I didn't want to get too into it because I was craving it?  Or was it because I was becoming awkward with that kind of touch?  

This lack of intimacy, touch, the safety of being in someone's arms, the feeling of being wanted is beginning to physically hurt.  And it's emotionally killing me slowly. 

I just feel so alone.

CuriosityKitten CuriosityKitten
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Would luv to slowly reach under your skirt kitten, fingers sliding up those soft sexy inner thighs, higher and higher till my fingers reach your panties, wonder if kittens legs would spread apart a little, loving the feel of your hot little panties and gently caressing your ***** thru them, can I now feel kittens panties begin to get damp

it's been almost two and a half years here..and two years since i've had sex with anyone,, I have a lump in my throat even typing this. I don't want to be cynical. I don't want to think real love is a dream told to little girls that doesn't's so awful..i feel you. i'm there sux.

Wonders why is this happening so frequently? Its sad to read so many who suffer from a lack of touch, love...

Someone help me understand please.

That's a shame; the simple hug, touch or kiss can make such a huge difference; I hope you don't give up, push on and explore what makes you happy and then go after it and accept nothing shirt of what you want, it's out there you just have to be willing to search for it

You are a young lady and should and deserve affection from a man.You must decide what will make you the happiest!!Everyone must do what they think is best for themselves!!There is no reason why you shouldn't do what's best for you!!Me myself I couldn't go without SEX!!Do what you think is right!!!!

:( I feel lonely too

i know this feeling after being with someone foreverand having it ripped away i felt so needy that i shrank from people.

after a year of this my hormones from stress went into teenage boy mode. i had 27 encounters because my desire gave way to fears.
i now know what men feel like. Im under control again. i feel so ashamed. ( not) i wish i could get that back it was exciting. but my morals returned
and god dam i just want a good relationship so im being the good girl i always was. btw pack condoms. you never know.

Actually I believe your reaction to touch is normal. If you think about it your desire for intimacy may be starting to control your feelings of satisfactory for touch and intimacy. What I mean is its a self defense and self control mechanism. Self defense part is not letting yourself get hurt by your own emotions. Example you finally went 2 weeks without the lonely ness thoughts of lack of intimacy so by hugging or touching is like kick starting it back to make you sad and dwelling on it. The self control part is your fading control of your normal body reactions. Lets say you are out for drinks with friends and this guy that is present you feel attracted to. Now you start touching or hugging your PERFECTLY NORMAL biological desire kicks in wanting to be ravished and desired feeling the safety and power of someone making love to you. But I bet your moral upbringing is a battle saying "you can't take them home" . And with that you may feel less and less able to control yourself. I hope this helps! I may be way off but my biggest question or concern for you is Why? Why are you denying yourself intimacy? I truly truly don't mean to be crude. But sometimes to heal ourselves and be healthy is to take steps towards that after a relationship is over. Ever heard the saying " Best way to get over one; is to get under one!" I am not saying you have to go out and rack up your number. But I am sure there has got to be someone who desires you that you just don't pay attention to the signs or advances of them. I say brush yourself off get what you need to live happily.

The bigget thing is not let fear control your life.

Just shocking how you've been through this! Sorry for all you've been through. We all crave the warmth of others.

My advice......find a **** buddy who you can trust and whom you feel comfortable with and give each other what you need. Importantly this person has to be someone who you can be friends with and who is supportive emotionally......not just someone who wants sex. I found someone in this way and we ended up falling in love!

I'm always craving physical contact and there's nothing wrong in that, I'll have some contact with you if you aren't too far away!

this is so sad.... i honestly teared up. humans as a whole crave contact not always sexually but contact of some sort. i hope this gets better for you

Humans are made to be around other humans... and that means that we all need affection and touch. We are in a world that everything is about taking care of ourselfs and being scared of everything, thats why we reject other people in our lifes, you never know whats going to happen in a relation with another human being... and its not always about casual sex... we just need the the proximity of others

I know that what i have doen , and although it can be tough at times I have always kept trying and lloing out for more women to chat or get intimate with.

its tough to become intimate after some kind of event that effected a marriage or relationship. We have all experienced that but you need to step up and be yourself againand get sex and intimacy in your life and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

you should never feel bad about the feeling of intimacy and sex.
Its naturtal and wonderful feeling and al you need to do is talk about
these feeling with another guy or find someone you want to feel good about to
have sex so that the feeling feels real and is repeated as often as you need it.Sometimes video chat or webcam sex can be just as fullfilling. It depends on the person

Hello, old friend. I know how you suffer.

I have been going through this for the past 5 or 6 years. The difference is that I'm not separated! I long for that touch, that intimacy of sharing your body with another person. In the past years, I have been intimate with my partner for about a handful of times. During these times, there is no caressing or foreplay or really much of anything. Just the intercourse. I am a human, a passive woman, who longs for that physical touch and its killing me, one day at a time. I'm disabled and have alot of health issues but I'm not dead. I make comments like, "we will have to separate if this situation doesn't improve" or "I know I can find someone that would want to be with me, sexually" and other sayings like that. He will talk like its going to improve but it hasn't. He blames it on his mother and his strict catholic upbringing. That's how he deals with oral sex. I call that "bullsh*t". Previously, none of the physical contact was without alcohol induction. Did I mention that he was a functional, working alcoholic? This is only part of my lonliness and I can share your pain, my friend. Just a note to let you know that you are NOT alone with your experience. Actually, this is the first time I had talked to anyone about it outside of him. It hurts eh?

I know exactly how you feel! I have not been intimate with my wife for 11 months. I may get a hug once in a while, but that is it. If I try to touch her arm or leg in bed, she moves it off. It is driving me crazy!!! How long can I take this????

I share your much of your story: my wife checked out of our marriage about seven months ago; no touch, no intimacy, not even a kiss or a hug. She told me she does not want a man in her bed any more. What kind of a woman is that? She will leave me when she can afford to. It has torn me apart. I am going through the toughest time of my life in several areas and I could use her love. She still lives in our house. I miss her so bad, I could scream sometimes. She is outright mean to me at times and unforgiving, both of which make matters worse. We are headed toward divorce. I cannot reach her at all, God can't either. I was not a perfect husband but I was not a bad husband either. 34 years and she pulls this. I grab her pillows and hold them close to me sometimes and make believe I am holding her. It is awful. I do not believe in having an affair. I am a moral man. Maybe after we officially divorce, I can move on and have intimacy again. I waited for my wife sexually till marriage and she withheld sex from me as weapon many times. Makes me wonder why I waited or should wait the next time around. But I am a Christian man who wants to live for God. Sometimes it is downright hard. But it has its rewards, too. In the end I will intimacy again with another woman who will love me and enjoy life once again.

Me too... Me too

we all crave for that feeling . sometime i feel alone even when my wife is at home. she puts to much in her job . sometimes you just someone to talk to know how you feel . the warm feeling of get a hug

I feel for you....going through something similar right now.

"Was it because I didn't want to get too into it because I was craving it?"

-Exactly how I've felt for the last two years.
I'm also afraid that I will never find someone who makes me feel as good as she did.

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all your all you did for me and my family DR. You really helped me through what I think was the most difficult time of my life. Your kindness and caring goes way beyond the products you sell.and I hope that I will someday meet you. You will always be in my prayers and I will never forget what you have done for me for bringing back my happiness and healing my sick child.

Geez, you're worried about a 7 months? Try your whole life. I am 30 and have never been in a relationship. I have never had a man express any intimacy, love, care, or affection for me. I did not lose my virginity until I was 26 because I hoped to wait for someone who loved me. Didn't happen and I finally gave in out of curiosity. Now I am back to being celibate as I have found empty sex to be lacking. I have gone for months at a time without a hug, even a platonic one, because I have no friends and my family is far away.

Hello CuriosityKitten,
roososo has great advice. You might try getting massages (even if you never did before), exercise classes, dancing classes, church services. Go where other people are and get connected. Get away from the house/apartment! Ask for those hugs !! Friends love to provide them! Just ask. Take care.

CuriosityKitten, this makes me so sad for you! I know that through the years there have been long patches without sexual intimacy, but that I have always been able to rely on platonic physical intimacy from my friends. This is a human need, and I do feel that to go such long time without fulfilling it is like not using a muscle; that part of you dies a little bit when you don't exercise it! I encourage you to acknowledge your need to your friends, and ask for good, strong, lingering hugs. If they love you, they will oblige, and even be happy to reciprocate your affection. Start small, a handshake, a hand on a shoulder. Feel your way into it, but make it a definite goal and keep your progress in mind. Even those things we sometimes take for granted are life skills, and we always have to develop ourselves! Hugs

That gotta work xx

Try and find yourself a nice man but if you can't...<br />
Get your hair and makeup done leave your panties at home and find a guy to S h a g you if still undefeated get your T I T S out xxxx

I crave my husband's touch all the time. He is never home. When he does come home its for a quick week of sex and time with the children. I miss the dating and the excitement. He is my world but I sure and lonely.

I understand how you feel i got a husband but he never take notice of me .he only wants me if he need someting
i feel alone and lonely that sometimes i just want to give up ..

Sweetheart, find yourself a nice man.

God made us to crave one another, it's sad when this feeling overwhelms us.<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing.

understand you feelings

lets have sex, what's ur address.....m coming over

I snuggle with my parents cats when I feel like that. They are way better than any therapy and any serious talks with friends. Also they are cheap (they require cat food).

It seems you have built walls around yourself without realising. You are afraid of being hurt again. I found this deeply moving and I wish I could just hug you this minute. Do you live in the U.K.? I hope one day you will find happiness and my heart goes out to you. Millions if kisses xxx

I know this feeling & I think it is very brave of you to open up like that.<br />
<br />
Maybe the hugs from others feel weird because, you have been made to feel unworthy of affection. Thats how I feel. My partner has brow beaten me and with held affection & attempts to blame it on me when I ask to be close.<br />
<br />
Don't deny urself pleasure... u deserve it.<br />
<br />
best of Luck

are you still there? I will send you hugs and kisses all the time. Maybe we can just be there for each other? i would tackle you and smother you with kisses if we ever meet just to make you feel good...Hoping we become great friends!<br />

So how r u now after 3 years, kisses

If there is any way you can keep yourself from shutting down then do it. I'm past the "shut down" phase and I have no idea how to get back and I regret every second of it. I wouldn't wish this kind of inner pain on my worst enemy.

Try massage. The power of tough can be very healing. A professional massage need not be personel, but you will be feeling the touch you crave.

I think you are going to be ok. You are writing of your fear,so I believe you are being pro active instead of just holding back your feelings, Next step is to make your feeling known in person one you trust some-one who may be able to help. Not some pimp just an introduction to someone you will enjoy the company of. I am in the same situation in a way, I have moved on got sober then became ill lost a leg and am dealing with poor health. I was fine without intimacy for a long period but now feel as I am missing out on a lot that life has to offer.

I spent 25 years in a sexless, no touching, no kissing, no nothing marriage. The best thing I ever did for myself is leave and begin to take charge of my own life. I have met a couple of men, but nothing lasting. I really want someone to hold me. I love to kiss and cuddle, but am alone and crave the contact of another person. I keep trying online dating without too much luck. I suppose if I only wanted sex I could go to Craigs list, but that is a little scarry. Right now I think I would even like to do phone sex if I could at least talk to someone.<br />
Still, being alone while alone is better than being alone while with someone.

Curiosity Kitten, I feel for you. I am very touchy/feely. It's not about sex...but human to human, body contact is good for the body, heart, soul, and our mind (peace) as well. I wish you were relatively close to where we could throw a blanket down at a park or the beach here in sunny So. Calif. to cuddle, embrace, relax, and recharge your batteries. Say hello sometime...I would love to chat with you!

Curiosity Kitten, I feel for you. I am very touchy/feely. It's not about sex...but human to human, body contact is good for the body, heart, soul, and our mind (peace) as well. I wish you were relatively close to where we could throw a blanket down at a park or the beach here in sunny So. Calif. to cuddle, embrace, relax, and recharge your batteries. Say hello sometime...I would love to chat with you!

Curiosity Kitten, I feel for you. I am very touchy/feely. It's not about sex...but human to human, body contact is good for the body, heart, soul, and our mind (peace) as well. I wish you were relatively close to where we could throw a blanket down at a park or the beach here in sunny So. Calif. to cuddle, embrace, relax, and recharge your batteries. Say hello sometime...I would love to chat with you!

I recently met my perfect soul mate. I am 9 years older and wonder if the age difference is so important as we are both over 70. Unfortunately for me she believes that I am and has returned to her estranged partner. They are both strong minded and seem to quarrel frequently but she says that she loves him and especially the sex. The frustrating thing is that I had the opportunity 8 years ago of meeting her (only met her as we were visiting a friend in the hospital at the time) - If only I had known then!<br />
What would you do?

omg you explained ALMOST exactly what i feel

That decision is in your court. Sometimes you just need to make a booty call and you may find that one of those booty calls will turn into so much more. I think you are feeling insecure because you are separated and probably will be going through a divorce, but I am telling you there is life during a divorce and lots of life after a divorce. There are those of us who need exactly what you are seeking, so try to find a giver and then give back. We only receive what we are willing to give to others.

Everyone says "don't accept this" or "take back your life"! Great advice, but you're forgetting one thing. How...

Sweety I was so in love with my x wife i went down the same road for a while.When I finaly turned loose it was so amazing I want ever go their again.

All I can say is that I understand. It's been over 5 years since I have been intimate with my wife. Even today she shys away from any physical contact, Yes, I too wonder if I'll ever experience it again.

Good Day, I hope this note finds you encouraged. Life, marriage, future or even where you presently stand is a decision to where you can choose to fold or to continue to FIGHT for your dreams. life on all sides ought to incorporate fighting for that which you desire. <br />
<br />
I see that families, marriages, relationships, government... is being impacted greatly to the point where those things you were accustomed to living and being apart of has a missing link and many are doing their own things only to experiencing lack, failures, poverty, heart aches, hopelessness. but I desire to experience and live and give my family LIFE and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY. That is what is promised to me and for me and for my family. But I must make a conscious decision to FIGHT and equip myself and associate myself around or with people who can help to lead me to places where they're, but help to bring me to where they're and better yet for me to surpass them, so I can leave a legacy for my children and my children's children.<br />
<br />
I have started with the basics, music/media. I'm careful what I watch and who I listen to because these things can potentially influence me for negative. My marriage was on the rocks like Ck is experiencing, but my wife and I saw where we were heading and she didn't dig it and we had to fight our postures and our thought processes and direction in which our lives were going because if we didn't seek change and HELP, then our child's life is going where we were going. Thankfully however, our path was and is being changed daily, because we sought help from a pastor from our church and I confessed to hidden sins and problems we were facing.<br />
<br />
In our home, we were like roommates and my wife hated it, not intentionally, but looking at our histories on my side, my grand folks slept in different beds, so did my mom and here it was I was doing the same things. So my wife asked that we NOT do that. Some nights its tough because our media is in the living room where you can find me most of the time. That when I come home from a long day, I have to unwind and I do so in front of the tv and I would fall asleep there as well, when my wife is inside the bedroom doing her homework, she would fall asleep there.<br />
<br />
Our resurrection comes through much prayer, prayer, prayer, that has given us hope to see and to be in love today. I almost lost my darling, anything of value is never easy, but they make you stronger. So we make certain life music is being played in the car, our mp3's, at home, at times we fall asleep listen to it. Its an effective system, for the same is true for pregnant mothers. We listen and read the bible often, my wife does well and my reading is improving, our prayer times are different and we come together at times to pray.<br />
<br />
God is faithful however to keep us in his will and he constantly sending others to encourage us and to let us know that he is indeed for us. So despite where you're CK, there is HOPE. Today make a decision to not become overwhelmed and seek to look elsewhere, instead FIGHT gurl to love and be loved. Music: Prayer.Counseling: 1.800.759.0700<br />
<br />

You will meet somebody and you will soon and will not have to crave to be touched.

I know that I am a guy and maybe this is inappropriate to comment on, but you have to start by loving yourself. Not being happy in your skin can make it harder to be relaxed and content so when the new Mr Right comes along it will not be a knee jerk reaction from you. I went through something like this for a long time and I found several ways to like me again and you know what, I don't think I am that bad now, and the Mrs Right I am married to nowadays was well worth waiting for!!!<br />

Ooooooooo CK, a BRILLIANT well stated topic. I know every BIT of what You speak. Frankly, the very words of emotion and sentiment You used are identical to mine. Wow...Thinking I'll never be touched again; should I shut down, allllllll of that has haunted me for three solid years since CHOSING to start dating again....only to be disappointed in that too. I have not been intimately touched IN 30yrssssss try THAT ONE on for size..Efreakinggads...Ack. <br />
<br />
When I'm in a calm, settled head space, I can look at and enjoy what the world has to offer; the love between Young couples, movies to that effect etc....BUT WHEN the longing goes on and on and on and on..and my home life becomes a BATTLE GROUND for survival and peace and money goes away and people run off because I'm just TOO SAD.........When THIS happens then I do certain things to avoid the sobbing lonely pain and fear of having lived for nothing........BY NOT watching romantic movies...No sexual images at all...NOT EVEN MY OWN...I don't watch anything violent, I avoid going where young lovers might be....I switch the TV to "how to" or animal related programs......(Sheesh lol I'm even bothered if the ANIMALS LICK AND MATE each other--can't cope with the thought, it's TOO painful)) I stop listening to sexy or romantic or FUN reminds me of what I'm missing. Too painful...<br />
<br /> a poster in here said; DO NOT STONE HARDEN YOUR HEART........NO MATTER WHAT...FEEL, ALWAYS FEEL Your emotions and sensitivities even when painful or incredibly heavy...If You close off Your heart as I did over the last 30, I wouldn't have noticed, probably didn't notice any OTHER EYES on me...I was oblivious and tamped down tight into a hidden little walled off world..<br />
You ought be cautious about whom You desire, Yes. Be sharp about with whom You cast Your lot, Yes...protect Yourself from predators and ne'erdowells but never go cold stone..You'll miss an opportunity as sure as the sun comes up in the East and likely when You LEAST expect it....<br />
<br />
Good Luck CK...........ty for posting this ♥

its a very painful feeling i too know this feeling so well...I'm on the darker side however; i was a rebound of a man that was married and leaving his wife; not because of me. (that was long over before I was there). however on his little test drive to a new life....i was broken along the way. I was with him for little over 3 years, I called the wife to apologize...not to ask for forgiveness for i knew i would never get it - I just maybe was being selfish and just wanted to clear my own conscious . I wanted to easy my mind, my heart for any part of any pain this man caused her or even me. <br />
I have not love another since, maybe its because i'm ashamed of myself for falling for this man....and in a sense of punishment because I dont feel like i deserve to be loved after such heartbreaks, knowing in my heart that it was wrong, Im embarrassed even speaking to my priest about it and have only snuck into the church to light an occasional candle for ill friends. <br />
I've tried to justified everything in my head..even thou their marriage had been over for 5 years before i step in...doesnt make it any better.<br />
I long have always longed for someone in my life for so many years....its countless. I dont date, havent been out on a date in 2 years...I'm nearly sickened when a man, comes on to me or trys to touch my skin....<br />
my fear is that i may be ruined for all men. the women that want to judge the other" women...i say...maybe we are already in our own punishments, there is no need to spit at us, no need to hate us...we do a good enough job at it ourselves.

I know well what this like. I miss this so much that I have given into despair. I used to work and live for this and when I realized that it could be taken away I didn't want to live any longer. But I have gone on and sometimes feel that I want to take the risk again and then worry about the harmful effects of it later. After my first wife died it went and never returned although I am married the second time.<br />
<br />
Writing stories has helped me struggle through, but I need to talk with someone, male or female, through email and then by phone.

LOL..people read the story and then comment without reading the comments...

Happy to tell everyone, I'm now receiving the most amazing love I've ever felt. I'm definitely on the right road now!! <br />
<br />
My love does everything right. I couldn't ask for anything more.

1 year??<br />
I'm 300% ahead of you! imagine how I feel :|

I have found the most amazing man ever.

this thing as far as boyfriends n stuff is kind of the same about me,too.I mean i havent had any relationship for more than a year n a half.I feel disappointed,aswell as u do.Although i know im a good-looking girl ive started to feel that something's wrong with me.N all this studying n stuff is making things worse(cause im at an age where i have to study a lot).So id recomend ya to get in touch agin with ur friends n ask somebody to introduce u someone..

Thank you.<br />
<br />
And I have found my special someone. I will be feeling his skin very, very soon.

I hope you find a special person to have physical contact with. Also, ditto to what roaring20s said!

Good luck, unlimit. Be safe and well.

That means a lot to me. Thank you.

CK, Your right, when they can no longer give you what you need, it's truly over. Was in the exact same situation your in, had to wait because of financial reasons. Already filed for divorce, 'cause I have wasted enough of my young life. You need to live for now. I applaud your incredible strength through this. "Whatever you wish for in life, that is what I wish for you". Go to your happy place in your mind, and let it bring you closer to the one who will be there for you emotionally, spiritually and physically, and bring joy and tenderness to your soul, until the day when they arrive! You are beautiful, and beauty will come. We're all here for you. Cuddles, hugs and support!

Thank you, Max. I hope you're able to find a cuddle friend soon, too.

Dear Curiosity,<br />
<br />
I understand your craving. It has been 3+ years for me. <br />
<br />
Find someone to hold you, don't deprive yourself. I have found that the longer I have gone without, the more intense the cravings. So much so, that is has become obvious. Give yourself a break. Don't wait!<br />
<br />
Hugs and Cuddles,<br />
<br />

I very much understand about just wanting a hug sometimes, but also know what you mean about hugging friends not really doing it ... I bugged my kids for hugs when they came home from school for Christmas, its really nice but not the same. <br />
<br />
I have been through alot this year and it sounds like you have to. So as much as I may miss the hugs, I know its not gonna be easy to find that person I love to hug. <br />
<br />
I don't remember how long ago I last shared a hug with my Matti, maybe 7 or 8 months ago. The last time I touch her was 6 months, 1 day 19 hours, and 22 minutes ago (approximately) I am optimist so I believe that one day we will both find someone else special to hug, the kind of hug that makes you forget all your worries and feel warm inside, a hug that makes the world seem right again. I am sure we will find someone to share those hugs with again. <br />
<br />
At this point I think I'd be happy to just hold someone's hand again and take a walk ... <br />
<br />
I am sure there will be plenty of hugs in the future for both of us when the time is right. For now I'll just send some (((((hugs))))) your way - guess you'll just have to close your eyes and imagine a big, warm, tight hug being sent you way

I'm sending you hugs back, keeman. Thank you.

I just need to be held.

Marcus, you are a sweetheart. Thank you, hun. Thank you so very much. <br />
<br />
I know I'm not alone. I just feel lonely.

You have to talk to your husband about it,dear.You both chose each other to be together for the rest of your livies,to share all good and bad together,help each other and be physical as well-touched,kissed,hugged,caressed...if this part is missing-your stress will kill you.Talk it or break it.

CK:<br />
<br />
It's not sad. It's very common. It happens probably a lot more than many people might be willing to admit.<br />
<br />
I went for years without sex and intimacy. <br />
<br />
But I managed to get past that by letting go of those fears that no-one might ever want to hold me again by imagining someone holding me and enjoying that thought.<br />
<br />
I kept replaying that tape in my head at least a few times a day, even though it seemed rather silly at times.<br />
<br />
When I started dating again a few years ago, I imagined that things would work out well and that I would end up in a nice situation, and that actually worked - allowing for the possibility of a positive meant that when a positive emerged, I was able to embrace that.<br />
<br />
I'm not saying that it's going to be an overnight fix, hon, but allow yourself the possibility of hugs and love heading your way, and if it doesn't happen right away, hug yourself, smile in the mirror, be positive, and stay strong by talking to your friends.<br />
<br />
Practice makes perfect...and you are NOT alone...hear?<br />
<br />
*much hugs for you!*<br />
<br />

I'm not sure. But, it won't be for long. We're separating. Well, we are separated. <br />
<br />
Thank you, hun.

O noes honey. I'm so sorry to hear this. I didn't even know you were married. Did you ever tell me that? <br />
<br />
Love you *snuggles you*

This is just kind of sad now, isn't it?

CK, Me too.

mewold, that means a lot to me. And, I think you've made me cry. <br />
<br />
Yup. Crying.

CK, I love you and I just want to hold you until we both stop crying. You are such a special person to me that I can hardly stand to hear this. If there is anything possible I can do, I will be there for you.

I'm totally down for a cuddle party with you, my friend, CC.

Rog, it's over between us. He couldn't give me the things I wanted or needed. And it hurt. It still does

I am married, but separating. He's moving out in 2 weeks. We've been living as roommates since June 2008. It's been extremely uncomfortable. But financially impossible for us to live alone until now.

I am are married...but you are waitng to meet someone else?<br />
<br />
*Brut wonders*

I think I might have found the one that could break this and save me from certain complete shut down. I just have to wait and see. The waiting is killing me!!

and that is what is a sadness. and a longing. but you are so great someone is just waiting just for you and it will be soooo worth the wait and aggrivation.