It's Been Too Long....

God, It's been like four months since I actually had physical contact with anyone.... and I'm restless. I didn't think I would miss it so much, but I do. It's hard to go from having it for so long, and then waking up one morning, and it's gone. With no explaination. I just want to be held and to be told that things are going to be okay. It's so lonely without having that one person with me. It's quite an adjustment..... It's like you have all your friends and parents to give you hugs, but that doesn't compare to that one special person in your life, that you have come to love with all your heart, even when you gave them everything you had including your heart.......

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its been almost 6 months since my ex broke off the engagement and i feel the same

i have been separated from my family, husband and kids, for about 4 months now, its so hard, i had not realized how much my husband and i had given up contact with one another but it had been virtually nothing for months before those 4 months and i dont even know why

ive been to a three year break after someone broke my heart. and it was insane to wake up one morning without her by my side. yeah i know we are all different,but if i did it in three years maybe you could too. I also realized that being into a relationship isnt just about the physical touch. Ive thought of that before that I could last a relationship if i know when and where to touch a girl but then its all a wrong thought.

I hear you be honest with you I just gave up on women. for every just have some fun through it. every woman I've been with his **** my heart to pieces. looking for the intimacy without the heartbreak.

It has been 3 years for me in a sexless relationship. I go one a month and get a paid professional massage

Tnx for all your attention

It has been two years I had any physical contact with others.
I would like some contact.

My craving tonight is strong. Miss the feel of a woman.

i never had it how do u think i feel

I know your feeling, the only way im ever satisfied is when I hug her in my arms but it ends when my eyes open and realize its not real.

Oh I feel you. It has been one year three days for me, and so many days, nights, hours, and seconds I think I am going to lose my mind. I miss the human touch. I do not understand people who say they love being alone. I know I was not built for this, my heart, mind, body and soul yearns for someone. I deal with it and I know one day I will meet someone, but sometimes I cry because I am so lonely.

dear are you saved do you have a personal relationship with GOD

I wish I could meet all the lonely girls above---I want to help you all smile and clap for joy !!!

Hope you have found that special some one if your still about how about up-date?

I have not been in a releationship in over a year, I know just how you feel. Human contact with that special person is something I crave and fear will never happen again. Being held, kissed and just comforted goes a long way. Hopefully it will get better for us all.

You know? Magic is right ! Don't rush or settle for anything. Just be proactive and program your mind and attitude to change that, go out where you will be noticed, increase your success factors and possibilities, be positive, go to a gym, go and take dancing lessons, keep trying, one day, the next and the next, be persistent. <br />
<br />
Your mind and thoughts are holding you from your happiness, each day you decide and you program its outcome. How do you see yourself tomorrow? HAPPY. In a month? In a year? <br />
<br />
Turn this into a positive experience and share with us the outcome.<br />
<br />
Cheers !

I undestand......<br />
<br />
things will get better... don't rush or settle for anything..... <br />
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I am the same havent been with anyone in a year I too am lonely and miss the physical side

I agree with you. That special hug from that special person is just out of world. Life is full of complexities. It is difficult to live without that person but things are not always what we want. I hope you have that special one.

a kiss and a very warm hug from me

Went through this myself some time back and all I can say is that while the wrong person is in your life there is no room for the right person.<br />
It hurts, God knows it hurts, but not for ever; the thing that finally saved me was I stopped looking - then a week later I fell over my future wife - 21 years now.<br />
good luck - puppies and kittens are fun and non-threatening.<br />

I know how you feel....I've been divorced for two years and crave it all. to have so much desire and no one to share it with is very frustrating!!!

I think I know the feeling. But the longer I am alone the less I want someone in my life. About 4 years ago when I came home from the hospital I found my house empty, My now ex had run off with another. I do hope you all find what you seek.

what can i say you are not alone, i am a single man living in the UK and came out of a relationship in october. Since then been enjoying myself, depends i suppose what you are after just physical or a relationship - and no this isnt a chat up line!! I have found so many women miss the physical touch, even just a morning kiss. I have had several partners since and continue to do so but your right, that special someone makes the difference. All i can say is, it will happen and when it does it will be worth it. Take care x you are not alone x

it is easy for men to find a womento get what thay want we cant

I know how you feel. My hubby and, I seperated a few months ago, and I missed him like crazy. Yeah, I had my kids and, my family but it's not the same as it is when your with the one you love. I hope things look up for you soon. Good Luck, and stay strong.

Why y'all sep?