So Bad

 I want to feel the touch of another SO BAD it's practically driving me crazy!!!  I've NEVER been touched gently or with any affection from anybody, and mere brushes and shoulder pats I want to last forever.  Sex isn't even an issue right now, I just want a touch, to be held and hold....

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I understand the need to be touched starts at birth. I always liked the way babies looked so contended even when very ill as long as someone was holding them. I was the best experience I had during nursing school. I wish you all the joy of touch. I'm sending my thoughts your way. I'm thinking a massage would be a good substitute for now, till I find someone.

im with you. married 27 years and no intimacy at all the last six. even a touch would be welcome.

Oh , I can totally agree with you. I want it and need it so bad

That is something I miss a lot...

Hug for you, young lady!

Care for a good old fashion Mexican hug?

i know how you feel *sighs*

There is a way round this just go to a recomended massager, reflexologist its so relaxing and worth the money but if money isa issue tell your doctor how you feel he may send you to one. Hope this is of help to you..

I really understand that! It's only because I'm single and intimacy was such a huge part of my past relationship. I miss it so much it makes me want to scream. I want the hugs, the light touchs and yes the sex more than anything. Not easy to hook up with a woman these days when you are 56. Oh well. One more lonely day to go.

Cool. I'm not a PDA fan though, but the touch is nice. Not craving it so much anymore....this story's a year old!! :D hahah, but thank you for the comment KBG.

Find someone who needs your hugs, and hug him. Giving is a good start to receiving.

My husband won't touch me because of his depression and things that have happened, and uncertainty. I want him to hold me, to kiss me, to stroke my face. <br />
<br />
Or to set me free so I can find someone else to touch me. I can relate to what you feel.

I know how you feel too. I just want him to hold me, but he is too shy.

I understand the feeling. It'll come though. Or you can get up some sort of confidence and make the first move. It usually works. Ha..