All the Time

I crave physical contact all the time.  I need it.  If I don't have it in a relationship I feel like the other person doesn't love me or find me attractive. I don't know what it is.  

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6 Responses Feb 16, 2009

what you up to these days!?

Also, don't look under chris914's lamp shade. It will scare the crap out of you. It is a pretty leg and a high heel, but it's not a woman. (Not a very large man either).

hahahha you crack me up

On EP, you can often tell how much I like someone by how much I tease them; like that funny looking nudy guy.

aww I love affection :) some people buy things to show love I show it with affection and doing little things ;)

I am a toucher and huger. My wife wasn't when we met, but she is now.