I close my eyes, and see you walking in my room
Onto my bed. You place your boots by the door.
I can still see you lying beside me as you
Gripped the pillow under your arms...

I can still smell you as you positioned your body
Onto my large headrest and lay on my comforter.
Your kisses mock me. Your smile shreds my soul.
The smell of you, enlightens my hormones.

Your words haunt the walls.
The depth of your voice shivers the silence.
I hear you moan against my ear.
The sheets sound of crinkles as we come closer.

At that moment, I can not only see, hear, or smell
But feel you and I falling in love for the first time.
I feel the void as we storm out of our existence
Into our vacant fantasies. I miss you...
PixieStixs PixieStixs
22-25, F
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Poetry in motion. Well said young miss, well said........

Dear pixie,
Perhaps you should be a writer? But perhaps not here, or now. If what you wrote is to or about someone, look at your age. Keep it as a moment in time but nothing else. You will have many more experiences, life isn't 18. What seems important today is foolish tomorrow.

Actually, I bet you'd smell my armpits if I didn't use deo hahha ;D
Wouldn't be the best smell.


So beautiful. If he can't "see u", he's blind. Hope he does and comes running back to u... :)

He sees me, but turns out, he's seeing his girlfriend once more. Just found out...

That is horrible. :( HUG

OMG that is beautiful and yet so very sad at the same time. I am left with the question of this being a beautiful story you just wrote or an actual sequence of events that happened in your life. If this is the latter then I feel for you and I am very sorry. I know what it is like to have someone you love so deeply and completely just leave without knowing exactly why. You have friends here on EP if you ever need to talk. I may not have great advice but I am a good listener.

This all happened. It's easier for me to write from experience, especially when it comes to him. I appreciate your concern and apologies. They are very soothing right now. I don't have anyone to really turn to, but I feel very reassured by your lending an ear. Thank you.

Anytime. Others from this site have been there for me to try and make me feel better. It is only in my nature to return the favor ten fold so don't be a stranger.

I feel the same and miss mine too

I hope he comes back soon :)

Thanks just a small prayer would be awesome thanks for the ❤️


I know the feeling

I wish he knew...