When I close my eyes I think of someone next to me. Touchingly body, pulling me close to them. Whispering in my ear how beautiful I am & holding me close. Kissing me on my cheek as I rant about everything until we both fall asleep.
Why doesn't anyone want me...
Country00Girl Country00Girl
22-25, F
5 Responses Aug 20, 2014

...Problem is honey, I was already looking. and I didn't know you were looking or I might have asked a long time ago.shrugs.tell me about yourself via private inbox.

i am on skype

if u want to see me naked

add me


Wow kids! Big difference between expressing emotions and a dating call! I guess I am not up to speed on etiquette on the social sites!

add me on skype :D

I would want you if you were here

i want you , you sound adorable :)