I am recently married. Not even a year now. My wife won't reach out to me. She won't hold me, she won't kiss me and she won't make love to me. I haven't had sex in over a year. We didn't even have sex on our wedding day. All I want is to be loved and I need physical contact of some kind. I miss her touching me, in any form. I miss it so much
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Divorce, homie. Marriage is sex and communication. If one area can't work without the other. And if she isn't putting forth the effort intimately in either area, her heart isn't with you. Don't even give an ultimatum. Leave.

In this case, have you ever talked to her about the situation? I think it's quite strange for you two so young but communication might help. Then if you talk to her and you find it's not working, why stay together and feel lonely and sad? If she doesn't come to you, go to her and make her feel you want to make love to her. If it still doesn't work, then I think it's better you live your lives apart. It's better to try a new life with someone else than to remain like that. Afterwards there will be kids and then you will not be able to find a way out at all. Think about it, talk and find a solution as soon as possible. Good luck

This must be very difficult. Me & my partner haven't had sex in over 3 years. I miss it so much but he doesn't. I feel your pain.