I'm in a long distance relationship. I miss his kisses and hugs... he's the only person I feel comfortable receiving a hug from when I truly need it. He's a great person to cuddle with. A true teddy bear :) hehe. When one of us has a bad day/week or if we argue, we both wish we were closer so that we could hug and be close and show each other support. & I just miss this so much. He's my first boyfriend and it's so pleasant to be beside him.

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Just a suggestion!! You just described him as a" true teddy bear" so why don't you choose and buy a teddy bear together the next time you are with him. Something substantial now that you can cuddle and hold, preferably 16"/40cms. That way the bear becomes a symbol of your relationship and yours when he is not near you but you can still cuddle him. Also spray the bear with his cologne so that you can smell him even when he is not with you. This is very comforting in a long distance relationship and it certainly helped me a lot!! I know it sounds crazy but who cares as long as it works ;-)

riveria - it doesn't sound crazy at all, it's a very cute idea! Thank you :) We broke up though ... it was a long term relationship and I feel blessed for the time we did spend together. If we were still together, I'd certainly follow your suggestion, and if I'm ever in a long-distance relationship again I will remember it :) On another note, now I just reread this before seeing your comment, and I realized now I do feel comfortable getting hugs from more people when I need them if they hug me and it's interesting to revisit this story, so thank you for that as well :)

Ditto to what Lunar said! :) Nicely put!

There is nothing quite so consoling as cuddling with a loving, caring person. Treasure the moments when you can, to savor when you can't.