My arms need to hold you close. My body needs to press up close to yours.

My hands need to caress you.

My mouth needs to kiss and nibble.

Sometimes online and fantasy are not nearly enough.
SmartKat SmartKat
46-50, F
11 Responses Aug 25, 2014

I agree with you there but sometimes it has to suffice.

Wow! Its amazing how you described my sentiments.



So with you on this - online can be fun but it can't provide the touch, the kiss, the nibbled ear, or the closeness that we all need.

Zen hug Kat.

this scene could be a love scene in a movie

Very nice! Please add me. would love to chat anytime.


The phone is not much better either!

Hi baby

Amen sister!

Then, slide on over and make some room ;)

OMG i'd love that with u....