After sending my son to school, I was amazed to see my iPhone rang. It was a FaceTime audio from somebody I once loved. I smiled. It had been 8 months since I broke up with him online. :( September... The beginning of the BER months. Tried to reminisce again and hid the tears. It had been years... Can't remember the last time I made love. How I miss the feeling of taking care of somebody aside from my son, take long walks together, cuddle by the couch... I guess I will be spending Christmas by myself again...
Charmeeee Charmeeee
36-40, F
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When was ur last relationship??

I am sorry about that.. Hope u find someone again , soon

very emotional feeling i had after reading this.Really the touch & feel of love is most important in life.

may i share my sexual fantasy with you?:)

Did you answer the phone?

No. When I was about to answer, he hang up, but it registered his name.

Don't be so pessimistic. I'm sure that you'll find love again. You have a long life ahead of you.

Thank you very much for your words of encouragement. I will bear that in mind. :)

Well, what can I say? That would be thank you in advance. :)

so u wanna have physical contact with him now?

Hahaha... He is in the US and I am here in the Philippines. :(

oh so sad. But honestly r u interested in having physical contact stil??

Of course because I am a woman and still wanted to have a daughter, have a family of my own, and to grow old with my husband.

yes but u were sharing about some1 you love once...I thot it was some1 else than your husband?

I am currently separated from my husband since 2005. The guy I am talking to my post is an online boyfriend that I was supposed to meet in real. :(

can i message you to talk about the last response on this?

Sure. A private message will do.

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