I used to be surrounded by people who casually touched, hugged, or even kissed each other. We filled each others needs when no-one else could. Now due to an unfortunate series of events I have been shut off from the world and the only person who I can get contact from gets tired of me and refuses to let me near. I am dying inside for someone to hold me. I am scared that I will go crazy and hurt myself just to be able to feel something. I resist the urges day after day knowing that it would not help, but Oh God sometimes I want to just give in.

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Bear hugs to you all. Lol.!!

I think this is one of the major reasons why both my long term relationships have failed.<br />
In the beginning, physical relations are high on the agenda, and while my need for physical comfort, (as oppol ex<x>pression from your partner. it toosed to sex) continued, it waned with both my former partners.<br />
<br />
I took the trouble to explain this to my current girlfriend and she has been an absolute treasure about it.<br />
i give a lot to the relationship and she responds by meeting my needs and finds that she too enjoys the tactile senses being stimulated on a regular basis.<br />
<br />
Please don't hurt yourself in response to a lack of physical attention. it has taken me over 28 years to get where i am today. hopefully it won't be so long for you and you will get lucky like i did.<br />
Big online hugs for you from me.

you need to talk to him about it and how you feel, have your say and tell him what makes you feel happy, life is a gift and you only get one turn, if after talking to him he makes you feel silly in any way then he’s not the one for you,,, and you should find someone that dose want to share that with you, hope all works

Yes my friends, we all craves a touch! I found that being spanked also helped.

I wish I could hug you myself because I am in the same boat. It sucks not having anyone to hug you back when you really want to not be alone. :(

Sorry I'm so far, Kitkat. Here is a hug for you!!

Everyone craves touch.....there's just something about that we need....kitkat, if you are being refused...perhaps you need to receive the touch of another.......