Oh God, it can be a genuine stroke on the arm, a hug, a kiss...I'm getting rusted out from my tears.

"Come on and touch me baby, before I turn to rust..." - The Black Crowes-Oh Josephine

Update: 14 May 2009- Two weeks since he clearly told me he needed to be alone through his terminal cancer from 10,000+ miles away, "us" was just  an aspiration.

No hugs here, no kisses, a distant 2 year old cat. I am alone with alcohol and my dream of a new friend but longtime inspiration southern USA born hippie on a tour bus rubbing my future pregnant bump. I SUCK.

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Wow....I just found this again.<br />
<br />
I still ache....will the pain EVER go away?"

{{Hugs}} {{Kisses}}

I am missing touch very much as well. I think it would be harder if I were married but it still is not fun.

It's like coming home from a long journey.

There is just something about a touch, even holding hands and the fingers are intermingled. The nice touch on the arm or a gentle hand on the back

thanks!<br />
*cuddles right back*

I have to agree with broke....It's when your in a relationship that it hurts the most! Hugs! to all of us who need them.

I know exactly how you feel. I think its worse when you are in a relationship and can't get the physical contact you crave. Good luck to you.