I Crave Intense Physical Contact...

I crave intense physical contact... just like "real" hugging, "breathtaking" cudling (I need to feel the strenght of the other one, through arms swallowing me honestlty into this cuddle...), and last but not least, I am allways craving to be lifted and carried by the other one, whoever she is. 

I'dd do the same with those I meet, unless I feel this common disgust that MOST people spread on Physical Contact matters. It is like beeing in different worlds, even with many people around you: mostly sexual people who are afraid of genuine physical contact AS-SUCH, while I need abundant physical contact without this sexual connotation. 

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1 Response Mar 23, 2009

not everyone understands that there is a diffrence between physical contact that we crave and sex.

I hadn't see your reaction at all, until now. (+ 4 months, that is)
Thanks, that is very true !
I am amased to see EP gives statistics of some 330+ readings of this story, yet only 1 comment, after 2 years !
Could it be, the "Not everyone" is nearer too "allmost anyone" ?

No theres not thats what I want is to get layed