Ahhhhhhhhhh It's That Feeeling

my boyfriend and i broke up about two weeks ago, and although i'm no where near over him, the lack of cuddling/kissing ect is killing me. I am literally about to jump my gay friend . What are everyones thoughts on friends with benefits? i have done it once, and it was a neutral experience... so i was thinking about it possibly... i'm definately not ready for a relationship, but ... ... a nice cuddle buddy wouldn't be bad lol

mosaicred mosaicred
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 15, 2009

warm hug and kiss for you

Friend with benefits, It can be a good thing. I had one for two years. I have extremely high sex drive and she was good. All day sex, helping by cutting her lawn, going for lunch and her parents funerals. Wife knew but now we have problems. She want to be only one but I am suffering now. I need a secret F.W.B. so I may get what I need. Wife cut off the girl. I miss her but I need to keep wife.