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An Unhurried Touch

I don't want the physical contact of sex. I want the physical contact of love. The joy of unexpected hugs from that special someone as they sneak up behind you while your cooking. Holding hands while you do the grocery shopping. Being tangled up in each others arms, watching a movie together. Soft kisses to pass the time, while you listen to the rain on a lazy Sunday. An unhurried touch of a lover who finds comfort in holding you as well as being held by you.

Seems impossible to find.


SunshineLass SunshineLass 36-40, F 55 Responses Jan 9, 2010

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I disagree with you on this, my wife and I have been married for over 37 yrs. and we still hold hands when we go out, I still sneak up behind her, we say I love you several times a day and we curl up on the couch on nasty days and watch movies. So you just need to find the right person to get what you desire and yes that is the hard part of it all finding the right person. Good luck. :-)

I would love that, as well. Maybe one day...

I feel you sister!! I feel the exact same way, seems so hard to find almost unreachable sometimes... I hope you find it sooner than later.

You and me have the same problem finding someone like that

Not impossible! Hang in there...keep looking...he is there!

I'm a guy and I want this lol :)

I just want to cuddle and kiss. I don't even care if I have sex. I'm right there with you!!

I'd like to add my comment to the ones already here: I totally agree. And like you, it does seem impossible for me to find. I thought I had, once, but that was ten years ago and it totally failed. Now, it seems like all I'll ever have is the memory of a failed love.

is there room for long conversations? looooong hugs?

I agree. It seems elusive.

I really envy those guys on the ED commercials, they get that special look from their partner.

...sending out a positive intention (or prayer) to God that those who seek this kind of love, like I do, find it.

Wow. This speaks right out of my soul...

I have say... you put words to how I feel.

its out there you just have to find the right one . thats what love is all about careing for each other

I feel very much like you do, I became sick and had to go to doctors so often I ended up changing to a home based high school. All my friends dropped me like a rock, even if they lived close, or I bumped into them at the mall. They would ignore my attempts at talking to them though phone calls/texts/online, and in person they acted like I didnt exist and they didnt know me. After I got better I moved to a new state, I've been here 5 almost 6 months and havent been able to make a single friend, despite all my trying. Sleezy men and teen guys hit on me all the time (but I'm a lesbian) and I'm just looking for some friends ): At the craft store, at fairs and festivals, even grocery shopping and the mall. After all this I became active in EP for a form of friends. Still alone in life...

My community:

Very well said

Know what you mean.....the little things....its always the little things that make the difference to me. I have recently left a relatively unaffectionate marriage....very different from the person I am. But I don't think we are alone....unfortunately. I make the most of hugging friends, not the same hahahaha, but the love and affection is helped to stay alive within me, that I do know.....and it really makes a difference to the people I hug! But yeah, what you talk about, I crave that too, with someone I love deeply and them me....its so special that wayx

Love everyone wants it! Me too^^

Huh i would love that

I am just lonely right now. I don't have the words to express. My husband passed 2 months ago.


I am so very sorry to hear about your husband, really. My heart goes out to you, but you need to be kind to your feelings if you don't mind me saying so...give yourself kind time to take life slowly, please. God Bless darlinx

yea.... i still remember holding my gf close to my chest. she loved to listen to the rythm of my heart beat... thts y i used to call her my HrtBt.... i kno wat u feel like.... n i absolutely agree tht guys really dnt undrstand its importance... i tried tellng this to my frnds bf, bt he jz laughed it off... well anyway.... i really wish u find some1 to hold u wid all his heart and stay tht way as if u two hd all the tym in the world... :)

My husband doesn't understand the importance of physical contact without sex all the time. Women need to be held and feel loved. My husband will dog this but then got straight to trying to havre sex. If you havre someone who understand this then good luck!

Just like women don't understand the importance of sex without the emotions. Many ways to look at the same thing.

You are probably extremely arousing to your husband and he cannot help the effect you have on him. But yes, I find the affection on lots of levels very emotionally and mentally nourishing.

There are many ways to look at the same thing yobnhojmi and I have to admit from a young age.....15 years women realising that males take part in sex without any emotion whatsoever was really the first understanding we had of all you guys hahahahaha no offence


My wife doesn't understand the importance of physical contact and we go without sex all the time. Ha!
Having said that, if she suddenly wanted sex right now (i.e. for the first time in years) I wouldn't want it without some show of affection first. Otherwise it would be empty and depressing.

I don't get the men that want emotionless sex. If my wife gave me a choice now between sex or just holding each other, I'd take the holding.
Though somehow that seems sad.

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So nicely put....I absolutely crave it.

I would love to give you a hug and maybe a kiss? :) HUUUUGGGG.

Thats sort of a lovely thing to say kidcurry92....well done you

thank you :) Can I hug you too?

ohhhh GOD ur words are just the same exact thing i want and so desperately iv never even had a good mother's love which i absolutely crave everyday just one true connection with someone except sex coz i think that sex is not a form of love and will never be,just one girl i want to love me like no one has ever done before!!

It is very easy to relate to this. When dating my current wife, we used to meet up at a local motel each Sunday morning. She ws seperated I was legally divorced and living back at home see if the marriage could be fixed, didn't work out.<br />
We would meey up go to the room get naked and snuggle for a few hours to make up for the long week apart. Often times she would fall asleep next to me(tired from caring for her elderly mother and working full time), and I would just watch her sleep and imagine the day when we would be together. There were times when we never even had sex and just holding each other talking , being naked and kissing I will tell you the pleasure felt was sometimes far beyond the actual pleasure of the act and climax, It was connection we have, even today with basically no sex of foreplay or seeing her naked, when the opportunity comes along(rarely) to lie naked feeling her skin is better than any drug and intoxicating to me. I need that so much right now and have thought to myself surely there is some unhappy married woman out there who needs the same to get through the days till hopefully things change.<br />
Where does one fond such a person? Then I ask myself if it was possible would I really do it. For me that intimate contact from a woman , who responds, makes me feel whole and complete and am willing to give anything anyway to feel it.

mandown...that has got to be one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read. Thanks for sharing. Lucky you and your wife. Glad you got to keep eachother. Special love.

Honestly I want and lust. I have had pure physical relationships and it is very true that they are pretty empty without an emotional connection. However, I have also loved men who did not satisfy me physically. Fortunately I currnently have the best of both worlds- I have a man I love to love and I have a male friend I love to f-ck. Life is good!

I remember those days....<br />
I wish you luck. :)

I hope you have found this Love Hunni....your words are perfect too<br />
<br />
I too am Searching for this Impossible Love,one can find to have Sex anytime,this is Pointless,Love is the Most Important in Ones Life.<br />
<br />
Good luck.x