Needed His Touch

I'm in a long distance relationship, and I hate it. I love the man but not the space in between.

  I want his lips on mine, I need them I'm starting to lose it. I know I can be faithful to him it's so easy because I love him so much. Lately I've been getting goosebumps rather easily, anytime I hug a friend or push by someone. Then I find myself with the sudden urge to hug them and bury my face into their neck. I don't do this of course but I still want to. Not because I want them but because my skin pulls at my brain and tells me I need to be held or caressed, kissed anything! I haven't been close to anyone is months. I feel empty and slightly depressed. It gets to me at times, it really does but I just sit and wait.

  It could be worse I know. I could be waiting months instead of days to get the attention I want. In less then a week the way I'm feeling right now wont matter anymore, and I'll be happy and back to my old self again. Laughing and smiling, the loneliness no longer shadowing my face. But until then I'll be in this corner, sitting and craving his physical contact.

RocksOnTheMoon RocksOnTheMoon
2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

I agree, the aching is deep and constantly unfulfilled. I know the distance is killer, we must not let it get to us. We must be strong for our men, who are being held at just an inch away from our finger tips. I know the so close and yet still so far away feeling. Because Crow is yours and my Green is mine and they tell us constantly, they are ours, they are belong to us now and there is nothing in this world that can change that! Despite the distance, love travels! Yey for love all love... except... that's a different experience though.... lol

Wow. I never heard it explained like that but that's exactly how I feel. Except my husband is near me and he is just very a very non physically affectionate person. It is a deep ache isn't it? I think women were made to be touched and loved and held. When it doesn't happen we feel sad and empty. Good luck with your long distance relationship. I'm sure you will be fine because your boyfriend is probably happy to hold and hug you; it's just the physical distance in the way.