He's Just Too Cool

Well yes I like him. I guarantee you this is the kind of guy who has EVERY girl liking him for some little moment in their life. I mean... he's not super good looking but he has a look about him. This aura of coolness. He is an all around nice guy, and funny. Everyone wants to be his friend. You know those types.
And so I feel not good enough to be around him. I know I shouldn't feel that way but you can't help it around this guy. His girlfriend is so fun and cool also. They're perfect for each other... I feel like I'm on this lone island away from all that. From that life. Like I am Hawaii and him and his gf are America. *sigh*
I really just want to get over him in that way, and not let him phase me with that charm. I want to be friends because we do talk a lot more these days and we do have a lot in common, especially our sense of humor. 
But I'm afraid the more I get to know him the more involved in his group of friends I will be. It seems like I don't fit into that place. Like these are people I would never be friends with if it weren't for him. As if... they don't like me. It's a paradox I tell you! 
Does anyone know someone like this? With that coolness you just can't shake off?
saverwaver saverwaver
18-21, T
Jul 23, 2010