My boyfriend and I have known each other for about 3 years, And the first time I laid my eyes in him in gym class I knew he was the one. It was definitely love at first sight... Well for me lol. He finally noticed me a week later and we got to talking. Then I found out that he was trying to go with me and my BFF at the same time. Texting us both and telling us the same things. I mean I never fell for it but like c'mon.
After that I hated him for a year. I couldn't stand him. I wanted to kill him. But for some odd reason he still wanted me. Throughout that hateful year he tried really hard. But I wouldn't listen to him. Even when he had girlfriends it was obvious he still liked me. Then something changed and we just started hanging out a lot. He walked me to class, sat by me and my friends just to be around me, he showed that he wanted me.
Now fast forward three years later, we're now 9 months into our relationship. He is my first everything; my one and only. And to say I just love him is an understatement.

We're now in a long distance relationship since he went off to basic training and I'm in college, but that just makes me love him more each day. I can't wait to see him in three months and to start our life together in the next year. I'm in love with this man and I just want the whole world to know. Love is special. And finding the right one is the best feeling in the world. So when you find that special one, hold on to it like you hold on to your phone lol. Don't let it go. Love is hard to find, and being in love is even harder.... Just wanted to share my love! :D
kis96 kis96
18-21, F
Aug 22, 2014