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I Like To Eat Apples And Think Of You.

I like to eat apples and think of you.
You are not my type but I like your haircut, your lip pierce, and your eyelashes.

I want to kiss you in the rain and bite your cheeks..
You have the humour that makes me smile and laugh effortlessly. You're funny. 

I like to be alone and think of our future together.
You are my favourite topic. I listen all ears up.

I want to know everything about you.
You are excellent in Math and Science. It turns me on.

I am going to tell my friends that you can play a guitar and sing very well.
You are beautiful. I love your eyes, it mesmerizes me.

I didn't get a chance to have a long talk to you today so I am going to yell at everyone.
You have the best smile in the world, I love it and your laugh and your name.

I want to get drunk with you and kiss your closed eyes.
You are adorable, awesome and sweet.

I wonder if you would ever like to wake up next to me.
You are everything I want. With you, I am alive.

I am going to call all the saints so I would see you in my dreams tonight.
You are miles away. It's killing me. 

Let's sleep under the sky together.
You're cool. I like your beard.

FreeyourSoul FreeyourSoul 22-25, F 2 Responses Nov 7, 2012

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I feel this way about my ex girlfriend. Unfortunately she doesn't feel the same way about me. It hurts so, so much. Thanks.

Hah! Random thoughts? Positive; you are in love! :D

You can say that. :)