25 Things I Want To Do

Here is my bucket list, the order is not according to the priority but as it comes to my mind..

1. Go to Paris
2. Travel to Antarctica
3. Learn Scuba Diving
4. Write a book
5. Eat chocolate whole day
6. Bungee Jumping
7. Love someone more than me
8. Be proud of being a Son, a Brother
9. Be a bird for one day
10. Play with Dolphins
11. Spend a day with a stranger whom I can never forget
12. Become invisible for a day
13. Learn the art of generosity
14. Be a philanthropist
15. Make a best friend
16. Contribute something amazing to science
17. Visit Moon
18. Learn to play guitar
19. Be healthy
20. Be funny
21. Be Happy
22. Meet Hilary Duff
23. Master over my thoughts
24. Involve in fun trip every month with my friends
25. Practice the art of meditation daily

I wanted to make it 100, but at this moment I am restricting it to 25...!!
crazihilary crazihilary
26-30, M
Dec 16, 2012