I Am Her Biggest Fan!!!

PrincessInW8ing is one of my best friends =) 
I know our friendship will last forever!!! 

She is such an amazing person I cannot explain it. 
She is such a loving, caring, and kind person I am so 
lucky and honored to have her in my life. =) 

She is like a big sister to me, I look up to her all the time 
And she is always there for me, always checking up on me, 
making sure I am okay and seeing what is new in my life. 

No matter what she always finds a way to get a message to me
weather through email, Ep, or through another one of my best friends, 
she makes sure to let me know she is okay!!

PrincessInW8ing has been there for me so much and I cannot thank her enough 
for that. That means so much to me. 
She also makes me break down and just giggle so hard I can't breathe, she is so funny 
and I enjoy talking to her =) 

And I love listening and reading about what is going on in her life and hearing all the 
stories she has to tell, she and my other bestie help to feel not alone. 

I love you gurly!! You are my best friend for life!! *HUGS* *MWAH* 
purplebutterfly14 purplebutterfly14
18-21, F
Jun 16, 2011