It's early, just after 6am. I was awakened by a baby looking for milk and a warm mommy to cuddle with. As I sit here I look over at her little sleeping self, so Innocent and sweet with big pouty lips and little "china" eyes (pronounced cheena) :).

She is my experience, right here and now. She is the reason I wake this day along with her siblings who are nestled together in the next room. All strong willed, all full of excitement and all different.

This little one is my little firecracker or "Pork-a-belly" as I refer to her as EVERYTHING is food and she'll gladly fill up until she's ready to pop. Wouldn't be her if she didn't come up to you saying "bite" when you have food. She's quite articulate for only being two and the potty training seems to be between her and I so it's taking longer than usual.

Last night I decided her crib needed to go. She hadn't slept in it in over a month and it had become a place for give away clothing, a kiddie trampoline and a high object that my son could use to fly through the air from as he crashed onto my bed about four feet away. It was falling apart and not safe anymore so down it came. I tried to do it right, screw driver and allen wrench but the size I wanted was MIA so ended up twisting and turning the wood until the screws were falling out and then to the dumpster with it. Didn't think she'd care but all I heard all night was "where's my bed mommy?" CRAP did I screw up on that one.

Gonna get her a little toddler bed when $ available. A bed of her very own with her own girly sheets and such.

Anyways, time to get little ones up and dressed. Already laid their clothing out so shouldn't be too hard (yeah right). It's about 51 degrees out so gonna start with pants today and layer and they can ***** as the day goes on and be in their shorts by this afternoon when it hits the high 70's.

So this is my morning, my experience, my day. Beginning slowly for sure but it happens. UUHHGG I so need coffee!

Have a wonderful all and go create your own morning experiences.

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really? oh my, note to self... add more kiddie stories :)