You have been in mommy's heart and I carry you in my soul.

Today is your birthday, and I can feel you. I can imagine you, I know you are with me always.

 I wasted many years crying, being angry, and I believe I kept you from being able to rest. 

Was that you who whispered in my ear and said  "my name is Anthony" ?  

 Your name is Anthony, and I celebrate your being.     Today is your birthday, and you are well remembered. 

 I will love you,and remember you always my boy, and I pray that when my days come to an end, you will be there take my hand and walk with me.

 I hope you like  your gift, and remember to share !


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6 Responses Nov 12, 2009

i know he is watching over you. im sure he loves that toy. love ya

You have an angel to watch over you.


happy birthday, anthony.....beautiful name... (((hugs)))

Thank you for sharing this. The anger and pain is hard to let go.

Ah crying, u didnt lost ur angel..hes always there and always loves u..many hugs*