Robert And Devin

I lost my first son when he was six weeks old to S.I.D.S I was a young mother and and the pain and anger was devastating. I will always remember his smile and and the way it felt to have him in my arms.  He was the center of my universe.

The second child was not mine biologically but he was mine in every other way.  His mother fell on hard times and sent him to me.  I had him from age 2 until he turned 7 when his mother and father took him back.  He died shortly after in an accident.  Devin was a happy little boy with a wonderful laugh that was contagious to everyone around him. 

The pain is still there but gets better as time passes.  I am fortunate in that I can think about them and smile again.  Their pictures don't make me melt down every time I see them anymore which is a blessing.   I am grateful for what little time I had with them and will always miss them but I know I am a better person for having two wonderful and loving children.  I am a better mom because I appreciate every minute I have with my kids.  Thank you for letting me share my angels.  I miss them.

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Blessings to you wintersxheart and to your angels. <br />
*hugs to you too*

Thank you.

i can't even imagine your unspeakable losses. i wish you happiness and peace.