Pregnant Again After A Miscarriage

I had a m/c last April. It wasn't a planned pregnancy, but we were so thrilled and excited. I was feeling deserving of this beautiful experience and was taking it in very nicely. Felt privileged and like I was touched by God.

Unfortunately, it didn't stick. Now, I'm pregnant again. This time, it seems to be alright. But I'm at 9 weeks pregnant, I still feel scared, cautious, sad and unhappy. I don't know if I'm still living the pain of the first loss, if I'm just scared to be happy, scared to be disappointed or maybe even just doubting my capabilities... All I know is this pregnancy is not getting all the attention it deserves and it makes me even more sad to think about it. I felt so hurt to lose the previous pregnancy. I felt like faith had tricked me. Maybe I just can't get over it. Although I thought I had...

I'm sad and lonely. This isn't how it's supposed to be.
gleger gleger
Sep 11, 2012