~for Our Miss Emmy Lou~ (poem)

When the moon floods our room with light,
You, my darling, become the night.

When the sunshine glitters upon the frost,
Your smile, my darling, has not been lost.

When the wind brushes my cheek and hair,
You, my darling, are always there.

With Infinite Love, Mom


hillbillycrone hillbillycrone
56-60, F
2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

It's amazing the feeling that can be expressed with a few words. Very touching and lovely.

I thank you for stopping in with such kind words for me. Bless you.

My heart is touched... Loving hearts we hold close forever...
dancing hearts...become one...
for I lost my Mom young, you a loving Daughter ...carry them in our eyes heart showing them the beauty of the world through our eyes...we will cross their path soon :)
it's a blessings we can express here...thank you for sharing piece of the deepest cherished heart words~

Thank you precious friend and I am so sorrowful for the loss of your Mom. I know that her spirit is smiling now because you (her baby) have grown up to be such a kind and wonderful woman. xxxx