Help Me

What is the point in drawing something when someone ignores you? Well I tell it is not fun, I made an oragami whale yes. Well no one cares, not a person to say good job thats cool they ignore me and go on with their daily life. Why is it me that is never reconigized for doing something. I feel like I myself is invisable to the world. No ones cares about me, I cry myself to sleep if I'm not loved. I never would have thought that people could be so mean. This not wat I expected of friends to do to me.

  1. They turn on me

  2. They don't agree with me anymore

  3. They think that I'm stupid

  4. They hate me

What should I do to stop them.
If you have any thing to say that would help. 
e- me.
Thanks for all your help.
davidlee1 davidlee1
13-15, M
May 5, 2012