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In being a songwriter I've experienced many ups and downs with my creativity.  It is sometimes so easy to come up with new ideas.  They seem to just flow out of nowhere.  It always seems to be in a time when I feel carefree and energetic.  It happens when I just pick up the guitar and start making music, not really thinking about writing a song or how it will sound. 

Anytime I sit down to write a song not much good comes of it.  If I try then it doesn't work out, but if I'm feeling free and just playing for the sake of playing then things flow out smoothly.  I've wanted to capture and replicate this feeling so I can write songs all the time but it seems difficult to do.  I really just have to be in the right mood to write songs.  Maybe if I can do more yoga and meditation I can be more relaxed and less worried all the time and more prone to creative outburst.

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Writing music is stressful to me! I am overly self-critical and I am one of those rappers who uses multies and I rhyme like every other word. Kinda like Eminem, but nowhere near his caliber. It's the only area in life where I am a perfectionist. I love writing songs and poetry, but it's so stressful it's almost like a chore! You guys are lucky that it comes so easily. I think I'll post my newest song under the I Love Rap experience. Check it out and hook me up with feedback.

i too am one of those 'tortured creative' types ... those of us who are creative are ALL tortured ... by the 'flow.' if you're creative and reading this, you KNOW what i mean! nonetheless, siddler, what i've had to do is sit down with it each day for at least an hour regardless how i feel. sometimes i will struggle with it the entire hour and am happy to sit it back down. sometimes 15 mins seems like 15 hours but after that the flow just happens and the remaining 45 mins vanish without a trace - other than the work i was able to put down. i tend to observe my past work a LOT and take ideas from that. many times it will work itself into something genius and entirely different. i also tend to observe the work of those i respect quite often. i don't attempt to mimic it but many times i find inspiration all my own in their work. sometimes it's as simple as a word. the meditation thing ... i do it too. there's something to be said for quiet, solitude. it does wonders for all facets of your life i believe. good luck to you my friend.

Definitely practice is critical. Maybe I should try writing songs every day instead of practicing existing material. Even if I'm not feeling really inspired. I have been recording myself recently which is helpful. I've let a thousand songs go b/c I didn't record them. I'd even write down the chords and changes but I usually couldn't remember all of the original nuances in what I'd played. Recording takes care of that so I'm trying to record whatever I play now whether by myself or with a group. Thanks for the suggestions!

You both make great points. There is much to be said for "getting out of your own way" and letting the creativity happen - forcing it is difficult. However. I'm a writer - and the secret to writing is writing every day. Some days it just flows, other days you feel like you're working at a sausage factory. But - good can come of those days too, sometimes you need to return to the material later.

I was a staff-songwriter for a big publishing company when I was in my twenties. I realized at some point that waiting for the mood to be right was not doing me any good, so I made a point of sitting with my guitar and playing at least once each day with the idea of capturing that feeling that might become a new song. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. You're right about yoga and meditation helping, but the main thing, and all the songwriter friends I have agree, you must be persistent in the writing and in the business. If you have any specific questions that you think I might be able to help you with, e me.