Where Does Creativity Come From?

Creativity is an important part of my life.  I've done some creative things, but I've also had times when I can't come up with a new idea for days.   I have tried to figure out the triggers for my creativity over the last year.  At least for me, a slight amount of stress coupled with a change of scenery works best.   Learning something new also helps.  For me, the stress of flying these days plus the time waiting in airports or an extra day at a meeting can lead to a flood of new ideas.   Does anyone else think about this?

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3 Responses Feb 11, 2010

I do think of this. Have been a lot recently actually. I've been a block on my creativity and I'm trying to figure out how to get past it. I know my brain hasn't shut down so like you I'm trying to find triggers. It used to be I would walk down the street and see something and boom! Inspiration! But my art walks as I call them have bore no fruit and it's worrying me. <br />
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Good luck on your quest!

Unfortunately I am over creative. I get idea's and they are profoundly creative. Than I have another and another. Maybe these other creative Idea's are just as profound or less profound but they come so fast that I forget other idea's.<br />
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I'm constantly bombarded by strange and unique perspectives and I think that people find me strange to talk to and hard to understand. Especially when I come from a super creative perspective that is just out of the ordinary.

ah I see this must be the creative story you were talking about. Let's see what my tired mind can add to it.<br />
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I hear you on the creativity blocks. I don't like them myself. I feel that I get them too often, your gears are turning but nothing is coming out. :( Change of scenery is a good idea, also looking at pictures of different things/places works, if you're a broke college student like me. It's kind of the same thing. We all get creativity from somewhere. For me at least it stems from when I'm relaxed as well. it will come to me at the most bizarre times. I've woken up just so I can write something down to expand upon at a later time. I usually get more creative when I'm alone and my mind is allowed to wander.<br />
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I would think a title like 'inspiration comes from the most unlikely places' that sounds kind of corny, how about 'the sources of creativity come from stress' nah no good. ''creativity: the inspiration behind it all'' now I can live with that one! I hope it helped a little. :D