Enough Already

A nd that stupid Christmas party commercial is just disturbing.  All these women and hard, happy Bob smiling that stupid, idiotic grin.  Yes, yes.  A total **** is in the future for this man and these poor, sheepish women.

Good god, I hate these commercials.

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Take this pill and become AWESOME!! Sadly, some men fall for this.

What's really great about these commercials is how they play on the male ego and "penis envy". Not only are all the women smiling at Bob in that "seductive" way, but Bob is suddenly a better golfer, more successful in his career, and more confident overall. All that from a pill that's full of nothing more than vitamins and unproven supplements!!!! What a deal!!!!


Especially if he asks Mr. McFeeley to join in on the fun or asks you to go for a ride on his trolley trolley...Ding Ding...Schwing...schwing!!

No, I will certainly not be Smiling Bob's OR Mr. Rogers' neighbor. Eww.

He reminds me of a young Mr. Rogers......"Won't you be mine, won't you be mine...won't you be my neighbor!"<br />
<br />
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Skunk is right.<br />
<br />

I like the whistling song in the back ground<br />
The whistling makes it cute.. The smile makes it creepy.<br />
<br />

OMG....Sensei, you make me laugh so much!!

That dude freaks me out too... I hate the way those comercials prey on guys who think their wangs not big enough to chung with. If more guys worked on their technique rather than worry about the size they would be fine. <br />
<br />
I know there are extreme cases where a guy might have a REALLY short sword... and for those guys I feel bad for but if you are anywhere around the average size get over and and make the most of what you got. Your yin can get with a yank and make sweet sweet monkey love ;)

Hey BrutMystik, you want a piece of this business?<br />

Celtic, NOTHING makes anyone smile like that. Unless the man is on a nice cocktail of a myriad of medications.<br />
<br />
Skunk, good idea.

we should be business partners :P

Oh, that's a good idea. I have some oregano here at home. Hmm.....

That is right, Skunk ;-P<br />
And, aren't there so many big ones out there...

You know.. I's kind of funny<br />
the words "Herbal Supplement or Dietary Supplement" under FDA guidelines, just means it's food.<br />
I could sell capsules full of oregano and claim it will give you better health, a bigger penis, fuller hair and will cause you to lose 40lbs in 3 weeks.<br />
I would not be subject to any legal repercussions, so long as I manufactured them under good food practice regulations.. no wait, those regulations don't come into effect till 2010. I can make and sell these things any way I want, claim they will do anything.<br />
I'm grinning because you're a sucker with cash to spare.

I'd rather have the Burger King guy looking in my window than Smiling Bob in my apartment.

the only way to truly enhance a penis, is to put makeup on it.

It is bad. Yet i wonder why the women all look so happy looking at him. Maybe he's excited about seeing them? And they reciprocate?

It's got that creepy 70's swinger party feel, with people who look like they're from the 50's. Ugh.

Me too - this guy is the creepiest guy. You would think if they are promoting male enhancement, they would put a hot guy on their that would make you want to.

I think he only grins like that because he just got paid 15 grand to be in the commercial.


wait..no I won't. I am lesbian, duh!!!

And, I don't really get the whole "it's bigger" thing, because every girl knows it's the length of time that matters...so, 5 minutes for 8 inches, or 5 inches for two hours. Gimme 5 inches, but for a really long time, and I'll be happy.

I'm thinking it didn't.

I would like to see if it really made his **** any bigger.