I Don't Get It.

I'm sorry, but if you are a male over 30 years old and you are trying to contact me on EP, I cannot help but think that you have weird motives for doing so.  It just creeps me out.

AmILovely AmILovely
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I'm new to EP and as soon as I got on a man mug older than I am started talking to me and calling me honey and baby. What do I do?!

Listen, one day you won't be 21 anymore yourself... Get over it, Chickie-poo. Chill out! We're all just trying to have some fun here and are freethinkers, who like to push the boundaries of the conventional. If you can't handle that, find a diffent website, this may not be the right forum for you!

I think you're a little stuck on yourself. You really WANT to believe that so many older men are just infatuated with you, when in fact, they are not. These guys are not creepy old men simply because they identified with something you posted or some comment you made and wanted to ad you to their circle.<br />
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Get over yourself, no one is impressed.

i agree with you lovely, but i haven't had anyone overly creepy try to contact me on here though

Yes, I see your point, there are some strange people on the internet. I have had conversations before with 'women' who turned out to be men. I guess we only have what people choose to say, and no way of verifying it either.<br />

I am not worried about staying private in general. What I am worried about is when 40+ men that seem to only be "friends" with 21 and younger girls (the youngest option available that they can contact) message me without having ever commented on a story or anything.<br />
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In my opinion that is a bit odd. I don't know why an older gentleman would want his social circle to mostly consist of girls 20 years his junior... but again that is only my perspective.<br />
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Yeah, this is a public place. Private messages, however, are not public, thus the term "private."

Don't understand the problem really but 2 thoughts.<br />
As we get older, most of us aren't so hung up on chronological age. A lot of them probably don't look.<br />
If you have over 300 experiences then it is likely when they click on your profile it says you have a lot in common with them.<br />
This is a public place - what's weird about talking to someone in public? If you want to stay private don't put all your thoughts on the internet.<br />

I'm gonna have to figure out how because I can't find that setting anywhere...

It definitely works on profile viewing...I don't know how to set it up though. You can block older people from viewing your profile, and sending you messages too I think

I checked that, actually, and didn't see an age-related privacy option. Maybe I am just missing it though.

I know this might not seem relevant, but because of the anonymity side of this site I don't even look at a person's profile before I message them for the first time, I just usually notice comments or stories they might have posted that interest me. I think the privacy options have an age setting, which is a good thing to use if you only want to chat to people around the same age as you.

I know that not every older man has bad motives. This group was triggered when an EP member sent me a message, but had never commented on any of my stories or anything before. I checked his profile to make sure he wasn't one of the people writing erotic stories on here, which he wasn't, but then I looked at his friends list and 75% of his friends lists were girls in the 18-21 age group... and he was 40-45.