Sos ..sos..sos

First we had a power outage in 96 degree weather. That was hellish for a few hours. The only a/c working is in my bedroom. I better go live in there . If I disappear you'll  know  I've melted or just fell over like a sawed down tree. Nothing like no air..please send ice cream, Popsicles and water balloons.  Thank feathers are frizzy and that's not becoming to an Owl.  crying
wiseowl wiseowl
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4 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Yeah..the freezer worries me. My poor popsicles :>(

I'm gonna go out on a limb here but for me AC is the best invention ever!!!<br />
That's it Wiseowl, in your shoes I'd move in to the bedroom and never look back! :)

I'm about to find out the hard way..pass the popsicles.

I know. I was in a tizzy when I had no power.It was 90 plus in here, dark as h*ll, no breeze on the balcony..still I kept looking towards the computer. Like it was going to work. I swear, if it broke, I'd get a new one the same day. Hands down . That's bad..but a fact. Same with the TV. These are my only sources of communication, to my outside world. I could care less about the cell phone. That's the new way we live compared to 15 years ago. Then it was the TV and our surroundings to keep us occupied. Now I'm a lump on this sofa! LOL ..