Real Ones~ )O(

I have been attempting to locate real live witch persons to associate with in my area for decades. I have met with mostly "Mr. or Mrs.Tom Foolery" I have yet to meet ONE true "down to earth" ethical, sage, real witch woman (or man) in my local area that I can sit with over hot coffee and warm knowing smiles.

It's not that I am hard to please, nor am I a snobby witch. It's just that I am not a vampire goth or a pot head. I'm not a real hippie....I am a real reading studying daily devoted practicing witch, I don't even call myself Wiccan, I am simply a plain ole garden variety witch! Yes, Alice, there is a differense!

(By the way, if you don't already know this, we witches are not Satanists, we cannot be, this entity is not part of our spiritual reality) We witches are all about nature, the old ways, the ways of the ones that came long long before us. The ones that understood the wheel of the year, the turn, the bend, the wisdom of the natural truths of birth, life, death and rebirth. "As it is above, so it is below" there is an ebb and flow, a natural order to all of life.

Perhaps it's the word W I T C H? Is it this? Does the wonderful old beloved word conjure all manner of false impressions and gloomy stereotypes? I admit it, sometimes (especially at Samhain) I do play into the whole Halloween imagery just a bit with my black boots, striped socks, black capes and my black cat Salem. Let us not forget my big black cone shaped hat with it's feathery brim. Alright.... but come on, can't I have just a little fun? Who wants to be a "wise woman" all of the time? Sometimes I am a child too!

All I want is a handful of real witches to share the wonders of this path, to enjoy the glory of a full moon rite, or perhaps a handful of beloved sisters and brothers to celebrate the sabats (holy times/days) with. Just a few warm hearts beating in unison upon this strange and wonderful planet. Is this too much to ask?

If it were not for my precious EP witch sisters and a few non witch EP friends that are especially caring, supportive and kind, (and a couple of wise man brothers) I would be a very frustrated and somewhat lonesome witch woman, bless you all!
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I rather wish I had other witches with whom I got along. My brushes with the local pagan community? didn't click. <br />
I'm afraid having my wife turn into a flaming atheist was a major drag on my own practice, as if I want to do stuff I can't even tell her.<br />
I still fondly remember when she and I celebrated Samhein out in the backyard...I played the God, she the Goddess...<br />
<br />
I miss that. I miss that too. We're growing apart. *sadness*

Hi ladies I enjoyed your posts on things witch and Pagan. I actually took a class a few years ago for begining witches it was nice but I found it difficult to be a by myself practioner. I would like to read your posts in the area if it's ok. I guess the witch/ crone is part of your name Hilly. I didn't understand why you would call yourself a crone when you are so pretty.